Operation Zeta Mass Abduction is a protocol in Project Ozma, led by the

U.S. Department of Defense

to determine the level of threat[5] that the Zeta abductions have been incurring worldwide. The DoD was familiar with a number of abduction cases and Ummo encounters documented by the


in the late 1950s.[6] Zeta abductions were predominant in South America, while Ummo encounters were happening in Western Europe. The acronym OZMA was chosen after Princess Ozma in the Land of Oz series by L. Frank Baum.[7]

Project Ozma

Project Ozma is part of a 1958 Back side of the Moon program, reference Command Kirtland AFB Project A119. Carl Sagan was a team member.[8]

Project Ozma first began investigating the Friendship Case in Italy through the CIA. Encounters were being reported as early as 1956.[9]

When the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case happened in September 1961, on U.S. soil, the Pentagon assigned Frank D. Drake to come up with a risk of threat assessment that the "Zetas" potentially pose. Drake formulated the " Drake Equation" to determine the potential number of "extraterrestrial" beings and their present populations to determine threat. Drake met with a team of specialists in Green Bank, West Virginia to discuss its implications.[5]

Ozma also looked into the Ummo affair when reports surfaced in 1966, in Spain and France.

Drake Equation

Cornell University's Frank D. Drake was assigned a SETI project in 1960 by the Pentagon to determine a number of "active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy."[5] In 1961, a SETI conference was held at the Green Bank Observatory, which is located in the United States National Radio Quiet Zone in Green Bank, West Virginia, to debrief attendees on Project Ozma's agenda and to discuss what later became known as the " Drake Equation".[10]
Drake Equation.png


In the 21st century, the Drake equation is still being applied through programs such as the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program. According to UAPTF / AATIP, the International Academy of Astronautics is making advanced technology applications with use of the equation.[11]


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