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The Zeta identify with the Reticulum constellation. They are believed to have coordinated the Roswell incident as early as mid June 1947, intentionally causing the Corona situation, and the Trinity and Roswell UFO incident.


The Zeta are a semiotic echelon who harvest biological materials, operating from military bases around the world. Zeta identify with the Reticulum constellation (meaning “net” in Latin). The meaning of Reticulum may be a paronomasia for their abduction economy. Zeta suggest to their abductees that they come from Zeta Reticuli, to give the impression that they come from afar and are small in numbers (Zeta conspiracy).

In 2005, Project Serpo was revealed as a joint US government/Zeta program that involved Zeta who were referred to as “Ebens”. They claimed to come from a world called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli system, and asked for teams of humans to come aboard an “exchange program”. Volunteers haven’t been seen again. It’s believed that the program was a ploy to conduct mass abductions of people (See Serpo conspiracy).

Hill abduction


Betty Hill's star map, c. January 6, 1964

In the Hill abduction, Betty Hill and her husband submitted to hypnosis in an effort to recall details about their abductors. Betty drew a picture of a star map[1] and claimed that she was shown stars that some researchers believe resemble the Zeta Reticuli system.[2]

Betty Hill was asked what her abductors looked like. She described them, and even sculpted a bust of what looked like a Grey. Betty has been criticized for depicting her abductor as a Grey, because of the Grey that appeared in The Outer Limits episode "The Bellero Shield". It aired just a few years before the Hills were abducted.

Since the Hill case, Zeta have been viewed and depicted as Greys.

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