Eric Davis meeting with VADM Wilson

Eric W. Davis, Senior Research Physicist, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, TX

VADM Thomas R. Wilson, USN, Director of DIA (July 1999 - July 2002)

Wilson UFO Leak pertains to an 15-page document containing a conversation, on UFO secrecy in the USG that was leaked in mid-2017. The conversation was between Admiral Thomas R. Wilson and physicist[1] Eric W. Davis in a secret meeting held on 16 October 2002. The papers are not necessarily a transcript, but “notes” by Eric Davis.

The gist of Davis’ notes in the Wilson meeting validates Leslie Kean's coverage of The Cometa Report, first published in the Boston Globe on 21 May 2000.[2]

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Briefing[edit | edit source]

Wilson meeting notes contain a conversation between independent physicist, Eric W. Davis[3] and Admiral Thomas R. Wilson[4] at EG&G (EG&G (logo).png a US national defense contractor founded in 1947) regarding "alien" UFOs. The transcript was "leaked" on on Friday, 19 April 2019, at 11:18:32 EDT.[5] The Davis/Wilson meeting conveys Admiral Wilson's attempted internal shake-down after the release of the COMETA study by France in 1999, and Leslie Kean's subsequent coverage of that study in the United States, reported in the Boston Globe on 21 May 2000.[2] France's 1999 Cometa study had generated negative reactions and denial among politicians, US Congress, and military men from the Pentagon.[6] But after the Boston Globe had published Kean's story in 2000, 'you could hear a pin drop'.[7]

The bigot list[edit | edit source]

So what was Admiral Wilson doing during his time as director of the DIA from 1999—2002 during the COMETA revelation? According to this Wilson memo 2002, he was 'shaking the UFO tree' for information (while likely juggling the 9/11 issue at the same time). After all, he was head of the US Department of Intelligence Agency during this period. What did he get? Basically 'pie in the face'. This memo explains how even the DIA director, who supposedly has the "credentials" to acquire internal information, was basically shut down concerning the UFO subject, essentially because he “was not on the bigot list” (Wilson's actual expression used in the memo PAGE 11). So who was putting the 'pie in his face'?

Wilson (TW) says they “called themselves "the watch committee," or gate keepers” (PAGE 10)

UFO LEAK OF THE CENTURY. Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Notes.

Cometa Report[edit | edit source]

Main: Cometa Report

Admiral Wilson points to a conversation between Oke Shannon and Will Miller[note 1] around April '97[note 2] which was a prior relation to the Boston Globe coverage by Leslie Kean,[note 3] concerning UFO crashed/retrieval (PAGE 1).[note 4] Kean's coverage was published in the Boston Globe in year 2000, known as 'the Cometa report' regarding France's three-year Cometa study on UFOs.

  1. Will Miller is mentioned in Leslie Kean's Boston Globe Cometa report as “US Naval Reserve Commander Willard H. Miller [who] has long been communicating this same concern to high level federal officials. With over 30 years in Navy and joint interagency operations with the Defense Department, Miller has participated in a series of previously undisclosed briefings for Pentagon brass about military policy regarding UFOs.”
  2. One month prior to April '97 was the Phoenix Lights incident on 13 March 1997
  3. Leslie Kean.jpg
    Leslie Kean noted in a 2011 Facebook post that her story “was highly edited - more than the ones I did in the following years. This is posted on the Coalition for Freedom of Information site, which has my previous stories along with info about the NASA lawsuit and the 2007 press conference.” However, her link conveniently went 404.
  4. The Boston Globe story by Leslie Kean concerns her research on the 3-year French COMETA study on UFOs. Her story was covered in the Boston Globe on 21 May 2000, but was heavily edited (Read the Boston Globe May 2000 edited version here; Read the unedited Full COMETA report by Leslie Kean posted June 2000 here).

Lt. Tim McMillan (ret.) on The "Admiral Wilson Leaks" (Originally aired July 23, 2019)

Movie script hypothesis[edit | edit source]

John R. Greenewald, Jr.

Researcher John Greenewald Jr. of The Black Vault, a personality who is knowledgeable about the television media world, likens the “Wilson leak” to a movie script, using the  Groundhog Day script as an example.[8]

The premise of Greenewald’s Black Vault is to collect and archive UFO documents and to debunk them.

Rather than pointing out the implications of the Cometa Report from which the “Wilson leak” concerned itself, Greenewald says, ‘Yeah, X-Files ended in summer of 2002, and the “Wilson notes” (drafted two months after) is looking for the next big television spot.’

Greenewald’s explanation for the “Wilson leak”[8] proves that it’s easier to deny UFO leaks and to call them hoaxes, than it is to wait for confirmation or validation. Once “Majestic 12 Document” of 1984 was branded a hoax, then all subsequent related MJ-12 documents were dismissed as hoaxes, such as Allen Dulles MJ-12 document, and Hillenkoetter Black Book.

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