Wikipedia is a platform that serves the Big Five (P5) to profile and discredit UFO research.

Funding[edit | edit source]

The Big Five (P5) benefit from Wikipedia donations to help fund their surveillance agencies in hiring numerous personnel to sift through Wikipedia data for profiling. "Notable" people and subjects, that are approved to be published on Wikipedia, are of interest to government surveillance groups. Unbeknownst to freelance Wikipedia editors, who have often complained about the bureaucracy of Wikipedia re-editing their content to standard, is in fact a standard demanded by government national security groups.

UFO-Alien Database[edit | edit source]

Although UFO-Alien Database may reference Wikipedia and its sources, it does not use the Wikipedia platform as a primary source for its content. In many cases, both Wikipedia and RationalWiki (WikiMedia tools) are both useful resources for our editors to determine how to approach a UFO subject and if possible, to clarify a dispute.

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