Ufology is the study of UFO phenomena and how it relates to an alien agenda. The study is not recognized in scholarly academia, at least not in the United States. Therefore, in its most stringent sense, a ufologist can be defined as someone who is sanctioned to study, document and report UFOs to their government. Independent researchers are often self proclaimed ufologists.

The first ufologist in the United States was Josef A. Hynek, who was assigned UFO studies by the United States Air Force. Hynek’s credentials as an astronomer and professor warrants him the proper academic titles.


In the United States, from 1947 to 1952, approximately thirteen "alien" UFOs, crashed or downed, were recovered within United States borders.[1]

US intelligence termsEdit

The following US intelliegence terms, as related to xenology and ufology, are currently outdated. They were provided by Anonymous c. 2007 and posted on the Project Serpo website under Release 26.

  • CAC: Controlled Agency Contact
  • CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
  • CO: CIA Case Officer
  • CRAFT: alien spacecraft
  • FAC: Foreign Agency Contact
  • HQ: Headquarters
  • KGB: Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee for State Security)
  • NOC: Non-Official Cover (NO diplomatic immunity extended)
  • NSA: National Security Agency
  • OCCUPANTS: alien beings
  • PG: Polygraph
  • RA-049: Moscow CIA Station
  • CAC-049-0031: Reporting station for Controlled Agency Contact [49] followed by his number [31]
  • SC: Station Chief
  • SEVEN PRINCE: Codeword for intelligence collection within a foreign country
  • SEVEN PRINCE COBRA: Codeword for foreign intelligence collection within the old Soviet Union

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