The map below indicates an underground tunnel system throughout the United States. The tunnel system is shown extending into Canada and Mexico, as early as 1978. The map has been attributed to TAL LeVesque,[1] but is not verified. The term “inner-Earth” should be taken to mean, ‘underground’ or ‘subterranean’, and not that of Jules Vern’s ‘center of the Earth’ theory.

  • It’s believed that Dulce Base, Los Alamos labs, and Denver International Airport connect to these tunnel systems.
  • Because of the indicated connection to Mexico, it’s possible that some of the main southwest tunnel sites are guarded by drug cartels.

NPS Internment map[edit | edit source]

There is an uncanny likeness of the “Internment of Japanese Americans” technical map from the US National Park Service and the US underground system map by TAL, 1978.

In an overlay of the NPS Internment map,[2] and TAL’s major access points from 1978, there is a close match. TAL’s lines are provided in green overlay. The underground access points TALpoint.png are said to lead directly to Dulce Base in New Mexico.

US National Park Service legend[2]

Original US National Park Service Interment map[2]
See US Concentration camps


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