UFO hotspots are concentrated points, around the Earth, of repeated UFO sightings. The 37th parallel north of the Earth has hotspot points all along the parallel line on an average of +/- one degree.

Bolivia/Peru border[edit | edit source]

Chili[edit | edit source]

Chile is often cited as the country with the highest recorded number of UFO sightings[2] (See also Ata, discovered in the Atacama Desert, Coordinates: 24°30′S 69°15′W).

Japan[edit | edit source]

Russia[edit | edit source]

Spain[edit | edit source]

  • Seville,[6] Coordinates: 37°22′38″N 5°59′13″W. The year 1968 peaked the highest UFO sightings in Spain and Portugal reported in the Vicente Olmos 1976 UFO catalogue.[7]

United States[edit | edit source]

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute with underground base

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