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UFO-Alien Database is a database Wiki dedicated to archiving and studying claims of paranormal, extraterrestrial and UFO phenomena, having good faith that the information is with honest intention. Our articles are intended for an audience that nominally accepts paranormal phenomena as at least being very possible. This database does not try to overly prove any one subject. This Wiki will accept controversial articles and subjects that exceed the mainstream's scientific paradigm, and it does not concern itself with debunkers.

For an investigative approach to extraterrestrials, open-minded but with some skepticism, see: Alien Research Wiki.

For indepth alien conspiracies, see Conspiracy Wiki, Alien agenda

This UFO-Alien Database was founded in 2008 by Anubis 08.

What to expect

Also see Project:MOS (Manual of Style)


  • Our articles limit giving titles to people. For example, the name Detlev Bronk will be conveyed rather than Dr. Bronk, unless quoting a reliable source as the exception. Titles are often used to justify or qualify an incident, or subject. Our articles are for informational purposes, and its agenda is not to overly prove any one point. Titles can be misleading. Although some researchers might have a doctorate, usually it’s in a field unrelated to the topic they are conveying. In ufology, due to the prolific use of aliases, it is often difficult to establish one’s credentials.
See also, The misuse of PhD(c)


  • Our articles will attempt to limit the words ‘claimed’ and ‘alleged’, but they cannot always be avoided, due to different ‘camps’ in ufology. There are often conflicting views about how events had unfolded, especially in the case of Roswell. Due to disinformation campaigns, and true hoaxes, there will always be some level of doubt with certain details, even for hardcore ufologists.


  • Our articles strive to give the source material for its content (i.e. references), even if it is not from scholarly sources. (1) It gives attribution and (2) The reader can better judge how they want to accept the information.


  • Our articles attempt to reduce editorializing and sensationalism where possible; giving the information as straight forward as can be done. The articles should not assume how a person felt about their experience, unless it is quoted. Such as avoiding assumptions like: ‘In awe upon seeing the alien, she moved in closer to get a better look’. This is novelizing a scenario. The account should be written as: ‘Upon moving closer for a better look, she...’ and then dictate the next incident. This example is not a rule of law for this Wiki, but a suggestion for better article content, so as to get right to the point of the matter.


  • The use of the word ‘mythology’ can be limited, but not avoided. Mythology is a ‘dominant belief’ whether it really happened or not. It applies to any subject that cannot be proven, in both ufology and in religion related articles. Mythology does not mean the subject didn’t happen.

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Name: UFO-Alien Database
Administrator: Anubis 08
Founded: 2008