Turís abductions concern abductions being performed in Turís, València, Spain in 1979.

Turís villages[edit | edit source]

In 1979, a Turís village farmer observed what he called "Los muñecos de nieve", meaning "Snowmen", who were dressed in white robes wearing "strange glasses that stuck out". What is more, their faces were blanked, having no facial features. There are at least two eye-witness accounts.[3]

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Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV), founded by UPV, is a Technology Center that studies the behavior of people in their relation to the products, environments and services that they use since its founding in 1976. "IBV combines knowledge in areas such as biomechanics, ergonomics and emotional engineering and applies them to diverse sectors. Items, as listed on Wikipedia, are:"[2]

  1. Running around in animal costumes brandishing various weaponry
  2. Transport vehicle interiors
  3. HARKEN, “heart and respiration in-car embedded nonintrusive sensors.” ("Making a Car that Won't Let You Sleep")[4]

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