The Dulce Papers are an alleged collection of documents that provide disclosure for an underground Dulce Base one-kilometer below Archuleta Mesa, New Mexico.[1]


An escapee from The Dulce Wars of 1979, allegedly allocated packages of notes, photos, and videotapes to five trustees, before going into hiding. He selected non-technical trustees who knew very little about their package contents. About every six months he would check-in with the them. His instructions were that if he missed four successive contacts, the trustees could do whatever they wanted with the material.[1]

The escapee is identified as Thomas Castello in Branton’s The Dulce Book.[2]


The following materials are said to have been copied into five sets, placed in five different boxes, and delivered to five different locations entrusted to individuals, known only to Thomas Castello, for safe-keeping:[2]

(A) 27 sheets of 8 x 10 photographs of Aliens, creatures, cages and vats.
(B) One silent candid video tape, begins on the computer banks, shows the vats, multi shots of Nightmare Hall, two shots of Greys, one shot of the Terminal showing sign saying ’To Los Alamos’ and about thirty seconds of the Shuttle train arriving.
(C) 25 pages of diagrams, chemical formulas and schematics of alien equipment.
(D) A copy of the new treaty complete with signatures.
(E) 2 pages of original Alien documents signed by Ronald Reagan [as governor of California], each page includes Reagan’s signature.

A separate note (See Synopsis below) about the papers, seemingly written by one or more of the trustees, gives further information about the alleged Dulce Papers:[1]

  • 25 black and white photos
  • 6 minute video tape of Dulce Facility with no dialogue
  • A set of technical papers pertaining to the facility
Contents include and discuss:
  • copper & molybdenum, with an emphasis on copper.
  • magnesium & potassium
  • ultraviolet light & gamma rays
  • the purpose of the EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)
  • usage of cow blood
  • blood nourishment by absorption
  • DNA manipulation
  • "almost human beings" from "Type-One" genetics.
  • "Type-Two, nongender beings"
  • sketches
  • kidnapping (abductions), brainwashing, and human breeding techniques


The following papers are possibly from the Dulce Papers, but is inconclusive and unverifiable. The Synopsis was included in Branton’s The Dulce Book, Ch. 23: Inside Intelligence On The Dulce Base. It was attributed to being released by Val Valerian.






Castello’s final wordsEdit

Branton: What is your biggest fear?
Castello: “That the general public will forget THE TRAPPED INNOCENT PEOPLE in the despicable place [ Dulce ], and will ignore THE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN, WOMEN AND MEN ADDED TO THAT PLACE EVERY MONTH.”[2]

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