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The Aviary is a watch-group or Watch Committee that is central to each of the Big Five (P5)’s intelligence communities.


Watchers, a watch committee, a watch-group within each Big Five (P5). They surveil significant UFO-alien reports that could potentially compromise national security interests. It purposely disseminates wrongful information and black-lists any ufologist, or government official who do not follow Aviary protocol.

United States[]

In the United States, MJ-12, or Majestic 12, was an arm of The Aviary from 1947 to 1991. The Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) of the 1950s regulated two projects, Grudge and Project Blue Book. Significant UFO sightings were reported to Grudge (falsely claimed to have dissolved), and select Blue Book reports were disseminated to the public at the USAF’s discretion. Today, The Aviary employ oversight of United States covert operations. Since the Dissolution of the Soviet Union, MJ-12 has likely been dissolved.

In the decade of the 1980s, any ufologist, military personnel[1] intelligence[2] or government official, who had been involved in UFO research, but did not follow Aviary protocol, was given a bird name[1] and “blacklisted”.

When Jaime Shandera made public the document Operation Majestic 12 in 1984,[3] the watch-group marked him as “woodpecker”.[2]

When the “The Aviary” became somewhat noticeable in the late 1980s, Bill Moore was used as a Fall guy and was labeled as ‘the guy who gave bird code names’[1] to suspected members. In a way he did, because all and any officials who associated with Bill Moore hit the “blacklist” during the Bennewitz affair.


The Aviary ensures the dissemination of disinformation to government officials within each of the Big Five (P5) governments, and to UFO communities. Their objective is to closely watch and discredit any serious research in the UFO field,[4] and have subsequently damaged any creditability ufology seeks to obtain.[2]

The premise of the watch-group and the “blacklist” was revealed in 2017 from the leak of meeting notes with Admiral Wilson taken in 2002. During the Cold War, The Aviary was known as a Watch Committee[5] “gatekeepers” of the UFO-alien agenda. The Krill Report (1988) reveals that they operated within both the Soviet Union and the United States.


George Knapp The True Story of Paul Bennewitz and Dulce Base

Dulce affair[]

After Paul Bennewitz went public in 1982 in trying to expose Manzano and Dulce Base, The Aviary watch-group closely monitored Bennewitz' activities by employing intelligence operatives to defuse him.[6]

The operatives pushed Bennewitz to the brink,[7][8] which resulted in being admitted to a psychiatric hospital.[4]

Serpo affair[]

Awareness of a program known as Project Serpo was revealed to the UFO community in early 2005.

The Aviary ensured the dissemination of false and misdirected information through the Serpo Releases that were posted online at http://www.serpo.org/ from 02 November 2005 to about 2010.

The arguing between alleged “insiders” in the first correspondence release, made it readily apparent that the Serpo leak was compromised.

A year later, serpo.org was hacked on 17 December 2016. Around Wed Jun 17 04:16:17 2020, Apache had shut down the Serpo server, but is now running again.

These actions indicate that there was a Project Serpo, but the details were misleading. Based on The Matrix, Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction With Alien Culture, Technology And Planetary Power Structures (1988), Serpo was part of a Zeta conspiracy.