The Aviary was a collective name for a loosely-knit group of "contacts" in the US government and military[5] who were involved in feeding disinformation to the UFO community, predominantly between 1980 and 2010. Their objective has been to discredit any serious research in the UFO field,[2] and have subsequently damaged any creditability ufology seeks to obtain.[1] William L. Moore is credited for having given bird code names to members.[5]

Dulce affairEdit

George Knapp The True Story of Paul Bennewitz and Dulce Base

George Knapp The True Story of Paul Bennewitz and Dulce Base

After Paul Bennewitz went public c. 1982, US government operatives became interested in Bennewitz' activities, concerning the Dulce Base, and were trying to defuse him by pumping as much disinformation through him as he could absorb.[6] Richard Doty, Robert Collins,[7] and Bill Moore were among the disinformants of The Aviary who made attempts to push Bennewitz to the brink.[8][9] Bennewitz was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.[2]

Serpo affairEdit

Robert Collins[10] and Richard Doty (known as “Falcon” and who appears in the Serpo releases) act as correspondents in the Serpo affair.[11] It has not yet been determined if they, or other members of The Avery caused the 2006 hacking of was hacked on 17 December 2006. The initial Serpo releases 1 to 21 were posted between 02 November 2005 to 30 August 2006. The hacking may be evidence for the possibility that a ‘Project Serpo’ did exist. However, probably not to the extent that the details are given in Releases 1 to 21. The Serpo releases posted after the hack in 2006 are likely dubious.


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