TAL LeVesque is the pseudonym of a person who allegedly had first-hand knowledge of Site Beta. He is best known for supplying maps of the US underground system, signed “TAL”.

Dulce affairEdit

TAL’s documentation dates as early as 1978, placing him with possible first hand information about Dulce Base, even earlier than Paul Bennewitz.

This indicates that TAL may have worked with Bennewitz in uncovering Project Beta, even suppliying him “Dulce Papers”.

After Bennewitz was put away by the AFOSI,[1] TAL may have worked directly with Jason Bishop III. TAL’s signature appears again in 1990. He may have convinced Jason Bishop that Dulce Base is real. In October 1988, Bishop remarked, “Perhaps there is a [Dulce] base there. Perhaps it is jointly operated by ‘aliens’ and the government, as claimed by John Lear… then again I cannot say for sure.”[2] Then in 1989, Bishop gets paranoid, “For your own protection be advised to "USE CAUTION" while investigating this complex. An ongoing investigation... by Jason Bishop III”.[3]

TAL, 1978

TAL, 1978


TAL, 1978

TAL, 1990


TAL, 1990


After Bill Moore admitted in 1989, of feeding AFOSI information about his peer groups during the Bennewitz affair,[5] anonymous documents and pseudonyms became commonplace, especially during the rise of internet and its Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

Group projects such as Blue Planet Project, which entered the public domain in 1992, claimed to be the personal notes and diary of an anonymous scientist.

The Dulce Book by the Branton Group compiled many of these UFO documents with a primary focus on subterranean research in 1996. Branton commentaries attempted to identify insiders of the Dulce affair, such as TAL LeVesque.

Because a lot of the information by TAL and Jason Bishop III are sometimes identical, it was assumed that they are one in the same person. Branton Group misapplied TAL LeVesque, by the inclusion of [TAL],[6] in some places it probably wasn’t supposed to go. Branton had also attempted to identify Jason Bishop III with “Jack”, PhD.[7]

Branton’s misapplied comments led to later UFO researchers believing that Jason Bishop III is TAL Levesque, or that maybe Bishop just ‘slipped off his rock’[8] and donned on one of the personalities of his research.


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