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Star Wars concerns a period of civil war that began from time immemorial reflected through a series of proxy wars to our present day, such as: Marduk versus Tiamat, Ahura Mazda versus Ahriman, God versus Satan, Allah versus Iblis, Allied powers versus the Axis powers (World War II), Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (NATO) versus Axis of evil.


Allegiance to the Civil War requires the blood sacrifice of humans—a component during our age (period) of what this article names as Star Wars. The following are just a few examples of the complex nature of this constituency.

  • Manasseh of Judah sacrificed young children to the cult of Moloch by passing them through fire.
  • Ancient Egyptian retainer sacrifices required servants to be sacrificially killed after a pharaohs' deaths, so as to continue to serve them in the afterlife.
  • A young lamb is sacrificed during the conquests of the aquila (eagle).
  • In Ancient Hawaii, a Kauwa (slave class), was sacrificed at a luakini temple.
  • Young soldiers, in their teenage years, were sacrificially drafted to serve in the World Wars, on both sides—a continuous battle right into the War in Afghanistan (2001–present).

Solar Warden


Millennia old practice of offering human biology (See also Ambrosia).

Around 1953 an alien presence was detected[Note 1] by major nations of the Cold War. At least 10 nations, members of the UN, communicated with this alien presence. Although we don't know its official name, the United States had once given it the codename: "Solar Warden" (good until 2002). Under the Eisenhower administration, US officials were led to believe that they were entering a "treaty"[Note 2] with the intent of exchanging resources with an "extraterrestrial" race. However—they were in fact, entering a contract with age-old Earth-based Supernormals, who have imposed the following on the USA:

  • The US government is to swear to secrecy of [ their ] presence on Earth.
  • The US government is required to grant full access to all and any US government facilities.
  • The US government must dedicate Four Corners, USA, including Nevada, to develop and maintain underground bases under specified Indian reservations[Note 3] "holy sites".
  • The US government must meet/or allow a quota of biological specimens to be offered (including human biology—See Unethical human experimentation at Dulce).[Note 4]

The ancient practice of offering human biology to the ancients, goes back to the dawn of mankind, now made official in the United States of America,[Note 5] with cooperation of the US government as of 1954. The United States of America sold its soul upon execution of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ten years prior, in 1945.

  1. In the United States, the alien presence was detected under Project Sigma in 1953 (M. W. Cooper).
  2. Ufology enthusiasts commonly refer to the supposed "treaty" as 1954 Greada Treaty.
  3. Majestic 12 and the Secret Government, by M. W. Cooper
  4. The human biology exchange program is conducted under MKUltra that Karla Turner warned about, subsequently having died in 1996. The program still continues today, but under a different codename. The improper death of Max Spiers in 2016 confirms MKUltra's continuity.
  5. Operation Majestic 1989 reveals that "for the balance of things to be maintained", Russia would also receive "similar condition".[ OM1989, p. 29] This balance confirms that other nations, such as said Russia, a full member of the UN, are in a similar contract with Solar Warden.

The Empire

Main: Project Aquarius
File:Nordic Onion.jpeg

Most of the Earth nations are in servitude to the Empire. In the coming years, anyone not on board, and any Rebels—will be weeded out. The Nordic forces are preparing for what is termed "ascension". Before the day of reckoning—you may opt to be "enlightened" in order to join the Empire. If you choose not to be "enlightened", you will be "left behind". Many people are gathering today in preparation for "ascension". Present-day followers are wooed into believing that they will reach a higher and most heavenly dimension. They are urged to prepare now before the coming day of the "death star", or the "death of the sun"—meaning that the Age of Pisces will soon end. Pisces is represented by the fish Ichthys, a common symbol of Christianity. The end of Pisces, means the end of Christianity—the 'death of a star'. Enter the "Age of Aquarius" (Named in the 1977 Vrillon Message).


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