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“Simulation hypothesis” or “Simulated reality” is a Counterintelligence concept that was seeded into Wikipedia and into Science Fiction movies, such as The Matrix, to brainwash your thoughts—programming you to think that what you are doing is not real—You are just in a fantasy world. So lie back and go to sleep. Welcome to MKUltra.

Danger[edit | edit source]

Wake up Neo. You have Cops to kill.

The danger of believing that you live in a “simulated reality”, is what enables Manchurian Candidates to carry out their objectives without remorse or human decency.

MKUltra[edit | edit source]

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Reality is a simulation, that can be depicted as a computer simulation. In order for the simulation to look realistic, a “hypothetical” program could adapt to the recipient’s perception, forming material objects in the mind and consciousness of the recipient. The simulation hypothesis is a subject of study in futurology and transhumanist theory and was popularized in the 1990’s following the film trilogy, The Matrix.[1] Oxford’s Nick Bostrom wrote a paper giving a mathematical formula to determine the probability of advanced technology producing the afore mentioned effect, in “Proof of Simulation”, published 2003 in the journal The Philosophical Quaterly. Bostrom’s formula is not widely accepted in academia.[2]

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Bostrom’s formula[edit | edit source]

MKUltra programming: “At what point will we not be able to distinguish reality, from fiction?”

So just lie back and accept it—It’s just a game, it’s not real.

Which reality will do us in? Virtual reality, Augmented reality, or mixed reality?

‘No, the Devil didn’t make me do it, the program did.’


Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed that ‘a technological society could eventually achieve the capability of creating a computer simulation that is indistinguishable from reality to the inhabitants of the simulation.’[3] Bostrom attempts to quantify his advanced technology scenario with the following equation:[4]


is the portion that identifies all human civilizations that will reach the technological capacity needed to carry out the reality simulation program.
is the average number of simulated ancestors that were run in the program by the aforementioned civilizations through .
H is the average number of people who lived in a civilization before it is able to carry out the simulation of reality.
indicates the total number of people living in virtual reality.

Since will have a high value, at least one of the three approximations will be true:

≈ 0
≈ 0
≈ 1
  • Note: Bostrom’s formula is not widely accepted by mainstream science and the hypothesis, overall, is considered highly skeptical.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Was Zhuangzi dreaming of being a butterfly, or was the butterfly dreaming of being Zhuangzi?

The “reality is an illusion” concept has been a common motif in various cultures dating back to antiquity. In the "Butterfly Dream" of Zhuangzi c. 300 BCE, the Chinese philosopher experienced dreams that were often indistinguishable from reality.[3] Both the East Indian and Maya civilizations had illusory concepts in their belief systems. French philosopher René Descartes explored the illusory philosophical argument in the 1640s.[2] The novel Siddhartha (1922) by German author Hermann Hesse, published in the US in 1951 became influential in the 1960s, which concerns illusory themes during a journey to gain spiritual illumination.

Project Blue Beam[edit | edit source]

Le projet BLUE BEAM de la NASA (French), by Serge Monast

Project Blue Beam is an End Times conspiracy theory that proposes a simulated effect will occur, on a global scale, to persuade human subjects to join or die, by whoever the ruling faction will be at that time (See also Alien agenda).

In 1994, Serge Monast proposed in his book Le projet BLUE BEAM de la NASA that a New Age religion would be implemented with an Antichrist archetype at its head to start a New World Order, via a technologically simulated Second Coming of Christ.[5]

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