The Serpo conspiracy involves the Grays having wooed teams of people, as many as twenty at a time, to enter an “exchange program” for an off planet experience to “Zeta Reticuli”— but were really being transferred to a Vivarium underground complex (perhaps like that of Dulce Base).


In 2010, the FBI archives released Memorandum 6751 revealing a world "which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us... The region from which they come...corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms."[2]


“Interpenetration” could be taken to mean “inside” something, such as an inner Earth. What the away-teams may have experienced was actually entering a deep underground complex, mimicking a dual sun. The conspiracy is supported by observations made by one of the first volunteer teams.

The Serpo Release 7 observations describe various lifeforms that all resemble Earth animals but in alternate forms. One notable creature is that of a serpent 15 feet long and 1.5 feet in diameter with anthropomorphic features—eyes like that of human eyes, having cones and an iris. A “vivarium concept”[3] of nightmare creatures was described in The Dulce Base by Jason Bishop III. His research paper reported level 6 Dulce workers having seen bizarre experimentation, such as "Reptilian-humans... also huge mixtures of Lizard-humans in cages".[4]

Project Serpo

Project Serpo involved an expedition, codenamed “Serpo”, that claimed to be journeying to the Zeta Reticuli system as part of an “exchange program”. However, the following details about Project Serpo indicate that the Serpo Team never left Earth (See also Zeta conspiracy):

  • “Serpo” is a codename and was not regarded as the actual planet name.
  • The description of the “two suns” is theoretically not how they would actually appear, due to: (1) the distance between the two suns, and (2) the affecting difference in magnitude.
  • The chimera-like creatures are described as Earth creatures, but with cross mixes of body parts (ie. snake with human eyes).
  • High exposure to radiation; (not likely to occur on a Zeta planet given the scientific likenesses of the Zeta sun with our Sun, and the extreme distance of the second sun; Exposure to higher doses of radiation is more likely to occur in the Earth’s underground).
  • No one lives to tell their story; Death by radiation (Couldn’t be related to Dulce radiation weapons, could it?).

Also of note:

  • There is a lot of argument amongst various commentators regarding the science of travelling to the Zeta Reticuli system, in relation to some of the technical specifications given in the Releases.


The agenda...

In the 1980s, The Aviary were major disinformants during the Dulce affair,[5] who did their utmost to coverup the Dulce Base Complex. Their efforts were probably quite effective, because the underground facility has not been officially confirmed, unlike Area 51 which was discovered in 2000 by satellite imagery.[6] Members of The Aviary fed disinformation to Paul Bennewitz driving him to madness. Eventually, Bennewitz was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.[5]

When the Serpo documents were released on in 2005, it was quickly realized that members of The Aviary were involved in disseminating misinformation regarding the purpose of Project Serpo. Conflicts of information by Avairy members are immediately observed in the first Serpo Release, and later by Comments from List Members.

The actions of The Aviary in the Dulce affair should not be forgotten, or washed over by contributions in the Serpo affair. Project Serpo should be looked at with a heavy suspicious eye.

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