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Serpo allegedly is the name of a planet that circles one of the two suns of the Zeta Reticulum Rhomboidalis constellation.[fn 1] Between November 2005 and April 2011[fn 2] information was leaked onto the Internet, claiming that the US Government made contact with its inhabitants after a crashed UFO with a surviving crew member was found. In 1965 twelve volunteers were exchanged as ambassadors. (A first attempt in 1964 had failed). They stayed on Serpo for thirteen years before eight of them returned to Earth. (Two died, and two preferred to remain). The inhabitants of Serpo are referred to as the Eben. It is not clear, however, whether this would be their name, or whether the expression is used in a generic way to refer to Extraterrestrial Biological ENtities.[fn 3]

The name Serpo is also - and probably erroneously - used for the covert project with regard to the exchange of these ambassadors.[fn 4] The real name of the project allegedly was Crystal Knight. As such it belongs to the Aquarius range of covert projects, and is also related to the projects Plato and Sigma.(One source claims that the name of the exchange project was changed to Serpo when the 'ambassadors' returned in 1978).[fn 5]

Inconsistencies in the texts that are leaked on the Internet about Project Serpo create the impression that at least part of the information is actually dis-information, which is to be expected with these kinds of 'leaks'. This is especially the case with the so-called diary of the commander, which is riddled with inconsistencies.[fn 6] In April 2006 an anonymous source claiming to have been involved in the real project states that most of the information released on the site is dis-information.[fn 7] In May 2006 yet another anonymous source claimed that the Serpo project never took place, and that the information about it was compiled only to deceive the Soviets. Most researchers, however, tend to consider these claims themselves as disinformation or speculation. The bottom line is that at present a lot of claims are being made, and no material whatsoever is being presented by any party to back them up. Yet at the same time, most sources who would know of a Serpo-like programme, do confirm that such a programme did exist, and that the exchange of ambassadors did take place.[fn 8]

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  1. At present, there is no confirmed planet in the Zeta Reticulum system. The term Rhomboidalis is an outdated term, and has been dropped.
  2. The initial Serpo releases 1 to 21 were posted between 02 November 2005 to 30 August 2006 before was hacked on 17 December 2006. The Serpo affair continued with correspondences and addendum releases up until April 2011. The last correspondence was posted 05 August 2016.
  3. “Eben” is not the real name of the aliens. The term “Eben” was used as early as Paul Bennewitz in the early 1980s (Howe, 1999) as a short generic way of saying “extraterrestrial biological entities” (EBE in the plural).
  4. The term ‘ambassadors’ is not used in the Serpo releases 1-21 by UFO-Alien Database.
  5. The term “Crystal Knight” only occurs in the Serpo releases (Exopaedia, Crystal Knight Project). The term was not known prior to 03 April 2006 when it was first mentioned in Release 18. There are no known sources to connect “Crystal Knight” with UFO-Alien Database, UFO-Alien Database, or UFO-Alien Database.
  6. Many of the correspondents in the Serpo releases were of UFO-Alien Database, confirmed disinformants in the UFO-Alien Database, such as but not limited to UFO-Alien Database.
  7. was hacked on 17 December 2006. The initial Serpo releases 1 to 21 were posted between 02 November 2005 to 30 August 2006. The hacking may be evidence for the possibility that a ‘UFO-Alien Database’ did exist. However, probably not to the extent that the details are given in Releases 1 to 21. The Serpo releases posted after the hack in 2006 are likely dubious.
  8. There are no other independent sources to verify the claims of a Serpo programme. is the only source in ufology for ‘Serpo’.

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