S4 is an unincorporated organization since 1947, operating worldwide as the foremost agency for security, surveillance, and terror watch. It serves as a 'Protection Squadron' for matters concerning the UFO phenomenon and alien abductions. It maintains embassies in all major GDP countries, enabling it to be an effective "watchdog". Its purpose had first come to light in 2012 by the BBC News, after the releasing of UFO files by the Ministry of Defence.[1]


S4 has its roots in Munich, originally called Ic-Dienst (Intelligence Service). During the Cold War, it took a "defensive measure against Communism". S4 left their mission somewhat vaguely defined so as to "remain an instrument for all eventualities". But it did use persuasive propaganda as a weapon for mobilizing and manipulating the outcome for democracy. The organization is funded on unearned income.

The number 4 comes from Entwicklungsstelle IV, meaning “Development team 4”,[2] as its prior teams had been dissolved prior to 1947.[3] Bilaterally, the number also denotes the organization’s pursuit of the fourth "realm".



S4 operates throughout the entire area of Groom Lake, NV, USA

S4 operates worldwide with embassies, known as ‘Watch Committee’,[4] located in all major GDP countries.

In the United States, S4 operates south of Tonopah, Nevada in Nye County, having facilities at Groom Lake (Area 51).[5]

In Wales, an S4 surveillance team was outfitted to Broad Haven to investigate a number of unusual UFO activity that was prevalent in the 1970s to 80s. The BBC commented that the staff at S4 was the “department that investigated sightings at the time.”[1]


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