Psychic research is the paranormal study of extra sensory perception. Such research is of interest to many present-day Superpowers.[1] US government officials, at least since the late 80s, classified psychic abilities as: “psychoenergetics”.[2] The government of China qualifies their psychic programs as “somatic science”.[3]

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“Human Paranormal Capabilities Study” at “Somatic Science Convention” (TKP, 28 OCT [1992]). Over 60 research papers and achievements were presented at the conference, which ended in Beijing on 27 Oct. More than 200 scholars and representatives from SSTC, COSTIND, MPH, the U.S. and Japan attended what is billed as the “Second China Convention and third seminar on somatic science”. ((Zhang)) Zhenhua (STC 1728/7201/1403), chairman of the China Somatic Science Society, told attendees that China has made gratifying progress in determining the accuracy of studies on human paranormal capabilities and their applications. Currently, the China Somatics Science RI and the Somatic Science Research Center are undertaking a number of research projects at the State, Provincial, and Municipal levels (CIA, Report 16, 31 Oct 1992, pp. 15, 16).

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US intelligence conducted various psychic research programs between 1950 and 1991. The last known psychic research program was the Star Gate Project that was wrapped up by 1991.[4] The objective of the project is for real application, or “real operational projects”,[2][note 1] so while Star Gate Project is ending (c. 1991), a real application had begun (i.e. use in Gulf War) but under a new classified codename.

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  1. When experienced [Remote] viewers complete training, they will begin an operational training/qualification phase so that their skills can be quantified for real operational projects. This phase should begin in February 1986...It is anticipated that a limited unit operational readiness will be achieved by mid-1987.” (DIA, Sun Streak Program, Level 2 access, January 1986)

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