Paul Frederic Bennewitz, Jr. (September 29, 1927 - June 23, 2003) exposed Manzano Base and Dulce Base, near Dulce, New Mexico in the 1980s.

Dulce BaseEdit

"I had first heard of Paul Bennewitz in 1980 when my friend Walter called me from Albuquerque and told me he had been working with Paul on electronic instruments. Walter said Paul had not only photographed UFOs, but had established a communication link with their underground base at Dulce."—New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez.[1]

Paul Bennewitz first witnessed UFO sightings over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area and Kirtland AFB in August 1980. A Kirtland AFB Incident Report dated October 28, 1980 mentions that Bennewitz had taken film of UFOs over Kirtland.[1]

Paul was president of Thunder Scientific Labs adjacent to Kirtland. Bennewitz gave a briefing in Albuquerque detailing how he had seen alien phenomena on a video screen (via a computer-radio-video link he had developed using a hexidecimal code after tapping-in to their ship-to-base communications frequency—Branton). Branton regards Bennewitz as a brilliant scientist who had developed equipment for the Space Shuttles and several Fortune 500 companies.[1]

According to Bennewitz, the aliens were transmitting signals from a base underneath Archuleta Mesa. When Bennewitz went public c. 1982, government operatives became interested in Bennewitz' activities and were trying to defuse him by pumping as much disinformation through him as he could absorb.[1]

Project BetaEdit

In a report entitled 'PROJECT BETA', Paul states that he had spent two years tracking alien craft; that he had constant reception of video from an alien ship and underground base viewscreen; that he had established constant direct communications with the aliens using a computer and a form of Hexadecimal code with graphics and printout; and claims to have used aerial and ground photography to locate the alien ships' launch ports and charged beam weapons.[1]

The AviaryEdit

Members of The Aviary fed disinformation to Paul Bennewitz driving him to madness. Eventually, Bennewitz was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.[2] The Aviary was a collective name for a loosely-knit group of "contacts" in the US government and military who were disinformants. They were given bird code names by William L. Moore.[3]


The fact that a team of military people, with PhDs, ganged up on Paul Bennewitz for his Dulce Base find, adds credence to Bennewitz‘ story.


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