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Paranormal describes anomalous phenomena that lacks obvious scientific explanation, or goes beyond the ability to measure. Paranormal concepts can be found in popular culture, urban legends, folklore, and mythology. The United States National Science Foundation has expressed criticism against paranormal beliefs.


Paranormal concepts

The Black Vault Radio w John Greenewald, Jr. - Episode 3 - Joshua P

The Black Vault Radio w John Greenewald, Jr. - Episode 3 - Joshua P. Warren

Paranormal-gravity hypothesisEdit

Joshua P. Warren hypothesizes that there may be a connection between Earth's gravity points and paranormal / anomalous activity. According to NASA, gravity is directly related to mass, and different surface features contain more or less mass than others. Slight variations in gravity exist across the surface of the planet Earth. GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment), is a NASA mission consisting of twin satellites that were launched in 2002 to orbit around Earth. Together, they measure Earth's gravity field with a precision greater than any previous instrument.[1] By comparing a GRACE gravity map of Earth (below) and a map of the Bermuda Triangle—the deepest gravity point (colorized in blue) overlays the Bermuda Triangle (Compare with gravity well).

Bermuda Triangle wellEdit

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A gravity model of the Earth constructed with data from GRACE. Although affected by topography, it is not to be confused with a topography map. Credit: University of Texas Center for Space Research and NASA

Altai Mountains wellEdit

Altai Mountains

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Gravity anomaly map (Western Hemisphere)

In Altai Mountain folklore, Mount Belukha, the highest peak,[2] is believed to be a gateway to Shambhala[3] (See also Golden Mountains of Altai). The moutain range sits right within the largest landmass gravity dip (indicated in blue) on Earth, as seen in central Asia on the Gravity anomaly map to the right.


Gravity map

Gravity anomaly map (Eastern Hemisphere)

Locations noted to have Paranormal activity with multiple sightings or extreme weirdness (Compare all gravity fluctuations in picture to the right):


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