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Project Ozma is a Pentagon program that was headed by astrophysicist Frank D. Drake in 1960. The program continues today. It is part of a 1958 Back side of the Moon program, reference Command Kirtland AFB Project A119. Carl Sagan was a team member.[1] Project Ozma was named after Princess Ozma from the Land of Oz book series by L. Frank Baum,[2] and also serves as an acronym for Operation Zeta Mass Abduction (OZMA).


Moon Child
"Moon Child" in The Neverending Story film adaptation. The child princess in The Neverending Story (1979)[3] draws parallels from the Princess Ozma character. The origins and inspirations may be rooted in the Chinese story of the Queen of the Moon, 姮娥 “Cháng'é”,[4] the name used for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program. China's first flight was 24 October 2007,[5] just a few months after France had become the first country to open its UFO files.[6]

Project Ozma was named after Princess Ozma, a frequent character in L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz book series. Baum supposedly received messages from a place called Oz, by radio, to learn of the events that inspired his books.[2] Baum described Oz as a place "very far away, difficult to reach, and populated by strange and exotic beings."[7] In the Land of Oz series, Princess Ozma is a ruler of Oz, whose reign as an immortal, is desired to be forever. Ozma has the appearance of a fourteen-year-old in a land whose inhabitants of Oz cease to age, suggesting that Ozma would always appear to be an extremely beautiful young girl.[8]

Ozma first appears in The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904).[9] As an infant, Ozma, was given to the witch Mombi of the North, who transformed Ozma into a boy and called him "Tip" (Tippetarius) in order to prevent the rightful ruler of Oz from ascending to the throne. Ozma spent her entire childhood with Mombi in the form of the boy Tip, with no memory of ever having been a girl. "Glinda the Good" discovered what happened and forced Mombi to turn Tip back into Ozma; Now as a Princess, Ozma continues to possess the Throne of Oz, although many of the realms within Oz are unware of her authority.[8]

Drake Equation[]

Cornell University's Frank D. Drake was assigned a SETI project in 1960 by the Pentagon to determine a number of "active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy."[10] In 1961, a SETI conference was held at the Green Bank Observatory, which is located in the United States National Radio Quiet Zone in Green Bank, West Virginia, to debrief attendees on Project OZMA's agenda and to discuss what later became known as the "Drake Equation". However, unbeknownst to everyone who's taken astronomy the Drake Equation is just another methodology of duping the masses. Because student's are told to discount three-quarters of all Stars that could potentially have intelligent life. In other words, according to Drake, if a solar system contains two (binary) or more Suns, the planets within that particular system would be too volatile for life, including intelligent life. Therefore, one would wrongly assume multiple Stars within a solar system are all proxmal. Henceforth, the weather would not support life. However, if one was to consider that some Stars are thousands of years apart... then there would be plenty of time for life to to manifest. Additionally, according to the Drake Equation, seventy-six percent of all planets in the universe are binary. [11]

Order of the Dolphin[]

The Order of the Dolphin were attendees at the 1961 SETI conference in Green Bank, West Virginia. They included, organizer J. Peter Pearman, Frank D. Drake, Philip Morrison, businessman and radio amateur Dana Atchley, chemist Melvin Calvin, astronomer Su-Shu Huang, neuroscientist John C. Lilly, inventor Barney Oliver, astronomer Carl Sagan and radio-astronomer Otto Struve.[11]