Humanoid, blonde, light eyes, pale or white skinned

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The Confessionals - Episode 21 Jim Wilhelmsen Talks Alien Abductions, Hollow Earth & More

The Confessionals - Episode 21 Jim Wilhelmsen Talks Alien Abductions, Hollow Earth & More

Jim Wilhelmsen talks about his abduction by "Nordics"

Nordics was a popular moniker that started in the late 50's, coined by George Adamski, to refer to extraterrestrials who had the appearance of being fair skinned, and often blond and blue eyed.


The term “Nordic” was a racial expression widely used in ufology circles during a period of racial integration (1940-1969) in the US. "Nordic" was used to describe Lyrans,[2] Venusians, Space Brothers, Pleiadeans, and members of the Ashtar Command (and later Galactic Command).

Space BrothersEdit

The Nordics were viewed and referred to as “Space Brothers” by Truman Bethurum, Daniel Fry, Orfeo Angelucci, George King, George Van Tassel, Buck Nelson, Howard Menger and many more, throughout the 1950s.

The Ashtar Galactic Command, Ruth Norman, Billy Meier and Raël espoused similar claims of ‘Space Brothers’.

Playing GodEdit

Draconian Nordics are allegedly involved in hybridizing humans with either extraterrestrial DNA, or even quite possibly primate DNA in order to purposely de-evolve the human species.

According to Michael Cremo's Devolution theory,[3] in the Hindu esoteric sense, a "dumbing down" of humans could fulfill the Kali Yuga—"the age of darkness and ignorance".

The Kali Yuga is said, by Hinduists, to have started in 3102 BCE,[4].

In the Christian and Judiast mythos, Enoch (Metatron) departs to the Heavens shortly thereafter in 3082 BCE.[5]

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