Humanoid, blonde, light eyes, pale or white skinned

First Reported: November 20, 1952
Status: Active
The Confessionals - Episode 21 Jim Wilhelmsen Talks Alien Abductions, Hollow Earth & More

The Confessionals - Episode 21 Jim Wilhelmsen Talks Alien Abductions, Hollow Earth & More

Jim Wilhelmsen talks about his abduction by "Nordics"

Nordics was a popular moniker that started in the late 50's, coined by George Adamski, to refer to extraterrestrials who had the appearance of being fair skinned, and often blond and blue eyed. The term derives from a Human racial perspective, the same way "the grays" is used to identify beings that appear gray skinned. These expression were widely used in ufology circles during a period of Racial integration (1940-1969) in the US. By classifying physical appearances, the word "Nordic" has been applied to Lyrans,[5] Venusians, Space Brothers, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and Pleiadeans. However, these beings may not necessarily address themselves as Nordics.

Brian Onley, who presents The Book of Man series, attempts to break down some of the racial perspectives that have been applied to these beings.[6] Onley embraces them as more human, than extraterrestrial and proposes that the "Hu'man" are direct descendants of these beings. He refers to them as "The Tribes of Man", as there are generational variations of these beings. Onley lists them as: Tal'man, Nor'man, Um'man, and Ahl'man (See The Book of Man series).

In the Lacerta interview (1999), she states that humans evolved from Simian ancestors (40 MYA). However, she also states that the Human were genetically modified by the Illojiim (Anunnaki) having done many human experimental testing off-world, at least 1.5 MYA. She attributes them to having made "seven generations" of man. If one attempts to merge Onley's "Tribes of Man" theory with Lacerta's interview, without conflict, it is possible that the Hu'man descendants of the "Tribes of Man" were genetically modified with Simian DNA, so that present day Humans have a mixture of both our supposed extraterrestrial ancestor's DNA (Makukov and Shcherbak) and primate DNA.

It is quite possible that primate DNA was purposely used to de-evolve the Human species as related to Michael Cremo's Devolution thesis.[7] In the Hindu esoteric sense, this "dumbing down" of Humans would fulfill the Kali Yuga, "the age of darkness and ignorance". Interestingly, the Kali Yuga is said, by Hinduists, to have started in 3102 BCE,[8]. In the Christian and Judiast mythos, Enoch (Metatron) departs to the Heavens shortly thereafter in 3082 BCE.[9]

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