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Nick Pope (born 19 September 1965) is a freelance British journalist and media commentator.


Mr. Nick Pope was a civilian employed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to work as a member of UK's UFO desk. The former desk was the Flying Saucer Working Party that functioned between 1947 and 1991.

Mr. Pope worked for the UFO desk starting in 1991, until he was dismissed in 1994. Both the old and the new desks functioned in five man teams. The five man team performed non-operational RAF related activities. They investigated UFO aerial phenomena to determine any defense significance.[1]

Pope took the MoD job with certainty that “this kind of stuff only happened to weirdos.” However, a number of unexplainable sightings convinced Pope that “there is a war going on” with aliens. From 1994 to 2009, Pope conducted freelance investigations with a widened focus on general paranormal activity, to include crop circle investigations and abduction claims.

In 2009, Ministry of Defence cut UFO desk funding. Pope remarked, “Whatever’s out there “could attack at any time.”[2] Following the release of Her Majesty's archive, Pope moved to the United States in January 2012.[3][4]


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