Mount Hayes, Alaska, is suspect of housing a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) that is alien in nature. There are also FBI files that contain UFO encounters in Alaska in the period of 1947-1950.[1] Mt. Hayes is the highest mountain in the eastern Alaska Range. It is not frequently climbed due to its remoteness and the resulting access difficulties.[2]

Jim SchnabelEdit


In the 1997 book Remote Viewers by Jim Schnabel, Remote Viewer Pat Price is quoted saying that “…Alaska’s Mount Hayes, the jewel of a glacial range northeast of Anchorage, housed one of the aliens’ largest bases.”

Schnabel provides Pat Price’s description of the aliens who live deep inside Mount Hayes as being very human looking, differing only in their heart, lungs, blood, and eyes. Ominously, he added that the aliens use “thought transfer for motor control of us.” Price is also quoted saying: “The site has also been responsible for strange activity and malfunction of U.S. and Soviet space objects.”


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