The Men in Black (MIBs) tie up “loose ends” involving black projects or shadow operations, namely on United States soil. They are suspected of being behind the deaths of people such as James Forrestal,[1] Frank Olsen, Phil Schneider, and Karla Turner.[2][3]


Men in Black are essentially the “bogeymen” of US intelligence. They are trained assassins that use unconventional means to take out their targets, so that the deaths of their victims look like suicides. In the case of Forrestal, his death was seemingly a self-induced hanging. But due to inconsistencies in evidence and details, family members close to him believe it was murder. This is a common characteristic in many inconclusive induced methods of death.

Manchurian candidatesEdit

Not only do the Men in Black protect shadow programs within the United States, like MKUltra, but they may also be Manchurian candidates themselves. They are tactical operatives who, when given the order, “awaken” to take out their targets. It is highly doubtful that MIBs have a secret badge, for a secret HQ, to do secret handshakes. They can be anyone, anywhere, alone, or in groups to carry out a tactical order on US soil.

Disinformation campaignEdit

It may be considered that the Hollywood Men in Black movie franchise was put in play to diminish the serious nature of this group.


In some eye-witness accounts, certain entities appear as Men in Black, but their faces may be distorted, faceless, or appear as having an animal’s head (such as that of a dog, see Skinwalker Ranch).

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