Mantis or Mantids, are often associated in UFO contact cases. They are beings who may be a type of chimera. They were depicted on Rock Art spread across Southern Africa. Such rock hard evidence and oral tradition seemingly shows that the mantis have had an integral part of Human civilisation for thousands of years.[1] Some UFO abductees have seen ‘Mantis’ like beings assisting Greys.[2]

Botswana[edit | edit source]

Mantis people in Rock Art, Southern Africa

The Khoikhoi (or Quaiquas, also, Hottentot) are natives of southwestern Africa from modern Botswana who consider the local mantis to be a sign of divinity, a messenger of "benevolent agencies of nature".[3]

South Africa[edit | edit source]

Rock Art in Leeuwkraal, Wodehouse, South Africa; The mantis, and the man

In Leeuwkraal, Wodehouse, South Africa a Rock Art of an insectoid, or mantis like creature stands immensly tall next to a person.[1]

In the Cape of South Africa, the San people have a Bushman folklore where the Mantis is the most popular hero. He was gifted with supernatural powers, yet exhibited a great deal of foolishness. He is sometimes mischievous, sometimes kind, but at all times very human. His wife is the Dassie (rock rabbit). They have two young Mantis children, a son and a daughter. Ichneumon, of the mongoose family, is a great talker. She is forever lecturing the Mantis of his foolishness. The Blue Crane is the sister of the Mantis. All these beings were once Men and Women, "People of the Early Race".[1]

‘Mantis People’ in Southern Africa

Rock Art in Transkei, 12,000 years ago, Mantis in the ‘the cataclysm’

Transkei[edit | edit source]

In the Republic of Transkei, a 12,000 year old Cave Art depicts a cataclysm where Animals are swept away. In the center of it stands a bespectacled “Mantis” like being.[1]

Zimbabwe[edit | edit source]

The “Mantis People” in Zimbabwe Rock Art

In the Zimbabwe Bushman legend, animals could talk and were indistinguishable from humans. The ‘first people’, who were the legendary ancestors of present-day Bushman, were believed to have been unintelligent, uncivilised and dangerous. Only after a 'second creation' was the order of the world truly established and the Animals and Humans became separated.[1]

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Northern California coastal forests (WWF ecoregion)

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