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CIA.png M-triangle record

M-triangle concerns a top secret site in a remote region of the Ural, about 600 miles east of Moscow. Under Soviet rule, several expeditions were sent to the mineral-rich mountain range in search of Uranium, when the Soviets had discovered M-triangle. The perimeter has been under constant Soviet surveillance, up until a transfer of power in 1992.[1]

For over a hundred years, locals have reported high strangeness. Residents of the Ural attest to paranormal activity as being part of their daily life: from strange lights, to unidentified flying machines, and encounters with translucent or glowing beings, even symbols or glyph shapes being written across the sky. Citizens from nearby towns say that lights in the sky come in many shapes and numbers, sometimes just passing through, levitating, or hovering for several minutes, or even hours.[1]


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