The Llandrillo UFO incident involves the recovery of a UFO and its occupants from the Berwyn range by the Ministry of Defense in Wales, on 23 January 1974.[1]

UFO flap[edit | edit source]

Reports of lights and noises were observed at Cadair Berwyn and Cadair Bronwen in the Berwyn range. Local residents in the Berwyn Mountains area reported a loud noise and a bright light in the sky.[2]

Some witnesses described seeing a "bright red light, like a coal-fire red. Large perfect circle. Like a big bonfire. Could see lights above and to the right and white lights moving to bottom."[1]

Incident[edit | edit source]

One witness wrote: "That 'something' came down in the Berwyn mountains on that night I am certain … we were visited by an object that evening."[1]

Due to a “3.5 earthquake”,[2] a “search and rescue team” from RAF Valley on Anglesey was deployed on that night to look for wreckage on the mountainside.[3] The police and the RAF team began their search within an hour of the incident. The search carried on through the night until it was called off just after 2pm the next day.[1] But they deny having found anything. Ufologists claim that the Ministry of Defence covered up the reconnaissance effort.[2]

The MoD file released shows the authorities did receive "a number of reports of an unusual object seen in the sky just before 10pm on that evening". The officials conceded that a bright light apparently descending to the earth's surface was seen in many parts of Britain.[1]

The latest batch of UFO files show how experts at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) initially struggled to explain the Llandrillo incident.[1]

The military thought that it was most likely a bolide – a meteor which enters the Earth's atmosphere and burns up. The Whitehall file adds that "a private investigation done on behalf of the British Astronomical Society concluded however that the meteor may in fact have disintegrated over Manchester, and that its appearance was preceded at 8.32pm by an earth tremor in the Berwyn mountains with which it had no connection".[1]

Skeptic’s corner[edit | edit source]

The Ministry of Defence reported in declassified documents, that the Light event was generated by a 3.5[2] earthquake[4] combined with sightings of a bright meteor.[5][6]

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