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The Lacerta Files are transcripts of at least two known interviews with a reptilian called "Lacerta" (her alias). The interviews were conducted in Sweden at two different private dwellings in years 1999 and 2000.


In 1998, a Swedish man by the initials E.F. had encountered a sentient reptilian being at his remote cabin home[L2, a.13] in the south of Sweden.[L1, p.2] She identified herself as Lacerta. When they met for the first time, he saw her as a ‘normal’ brown-haired human woman.[L1, a.22-23] On her fourth visit,[L2, a.13] she revealed to him her real appearance, and he became very frightened and shocked.[L1, a.22-23] Her intention to meet with him and to reveal herself was explained as follows:

”I´m a curios student of the social behaviour of your species. That´s why I´m here and talk to you, that´s why I have revealed my real nature (to E.F.) and now to you and that´s why I give you all that secret information and why I will try to answer all the questions on your many sheets of paper honestly. I will see how you react, how others of your kind react. There are so many crazies and liars of your kind on this planet who claim to know the truth about us, about UFOs, about aliens and so on and some of you believe their lies. I´m interested to see how your species will react if you make the truth (which I will tell you now) public. I´m quite sure everyone of you will refuse to believe my words, but I hope I´m wrong, because you need to understand if you want to survive the coming years.”[L2, a.13]

On 16 December 1999,[L1, p.2] E.F. invited his best friend Ole K. to his cabin by the lake, to introduce him to Lacerta in her true reptilian form, of which she consented to.[L2, a.13] Ole K. was prepped to conduct an interview with her, to learn of her reptilian people and to disclose the information to the world public. Ole K. conducted a second interview with Lacerta a year later on 27 April 2000.[L2, p.1] An abridged version of the interview was distributed to four other friends residing in separate European countries.[L1, p.2] In 2001, one of the friends living in Germany, requested Chris Pfeiler to translate the 1999 interview into English.[L1, p.1] Subsequently, the first interview was posted online on 24 July 2002.[1] The second interview (2000), translated into English by Doug Parrish, [L2, p.1] made it online at least by 26 December 2004 and posted on LuisPrada Website,[2] but has since been taken down. You can read the full available interviews 1999 & 2000 here.


Lacerta File 1999Edit

The 1999 interview introduces a race of reptilians who have lived on Earth for millions of years. They evolved from a particular line of dinosaur into present day Saurians. The interviewee, Lacerta discusses the appearance, culture, and evolution of the Saurians. They presently live in advanced subterranean tunnel and cavern systems. She also highlights the relationship that the Sauians once had with humans on a more spiritual, religious level. The origins of humankind is also discussed along with the ensuing conflicts of the greater races. Lacerta discloses the presence of extraterrestrials presently on Earth.

Lacerta File 2000Edit

Lacerta follows up with a 2000 interview relating some of her thoughts about the human reactions that were given about her first 1999 interview. She touches on the origins of the human philosophies of "Good and Evil". The interview then progresses into concepts of High energy physics. Lacerta then conveys ideas about the illusions of the universe, which could be surmised by the evolving theory of a holographic Universe (Compare the works of Michael Talbot). Reverse engineering UFOs, the alien agenda, and Lacerta's initial contact with a human is discussed. The interview then concludes with some details about her subterranean dwelling.



The Lacerta Files were translated into English by Chris Pfeiler (1999) and Doug Parrish (2000) from German and Swedish notes. Those original notes have not been made public. The only known transcripts, available on The Internet, is the abridged version of the Interviews. The whereabouts of the people involved are currently unknown. Further, it is not certain whether the drawings mentioned, or if all of the interview notes will ever be released to the public.

Internet circulationEdit

One of the first versions was submitted to Internet User, Chris Pfeiler, to be translatted into English. It was first posted to on 24.07.2002 at 12:34. But, it has since been removed and only a partial version of the original English is archived at .

Internet user, Luis Prada made minor edit additions, added pictures, and posted the English versions to in 2004, and archived to PDF at It was subsequently archived to However, bibliotecapleyades maintains two images that might be closer to the photos that The Lacerta Files were talking about.

The original English version of both transcripts 1999 and 2000, with English spelling and grammar flaws by the Translators, had been made available for PDF download. It was archived on UFO-Wiki Database in 2017 to UFO-Wiki Database proudly presents the most earliest unadulterated version of the English Transcript at The Lacerta Files using the images from bibliotecapleyades.

Lacerta filesEdit


  • E.F., the First Contact
  • Ole K., the Interviewer
  • Lacerta, the interviewee, a female reptilian
  • Chris Pfeiler, translated the transcripts (1999) into English
  • Doug Parrish, translated the transcripts (2000) into English


The following are terms and concepts of the transcripts:




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