John Olsen Lear is a UFO personality and conspiracy theorist, author of the book “Dark Side Hypothesis”.[2] Lear is most notable for introducing Bob Lazar to George Knapp for KLAS interviews that started the nine-part project called “UFOs: The Best Evidence”.[3]

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Background[edit | edit source]

Lear is well known in UFO groups, but he does not consider himself to be a “ufologist”. It is often misperceived that John Lear is “a well known CIA pilot.” More correctly, he was outsourced to charter flights, in the transport of materiels, for the CIA.

Dark Side Hypothesis[edit | edit source]

“Dark Side Hypothesis” is partially based on the works of Paul Bennewitz concerning Dulce Base.[4] Lear claimed that the US government had recovered all of the crashed space ships on US soil, and therefore launched Project Redlight in 1962—its purpose to back-engineer and test fly mock aircraft at S-4 near Area 51. He also claimed that the US government made a deal with aliens to abduct as many people as they want, in exchange for their technology. The claim goes on to say that the US government determined that the aliens didn’t keep their part of the deal, and it ended up in a Dulce Wars confrontation in 1978-79. Many top US scientist were allegedly killed by the aliens and the deal was broken. But the abductions and experiments on humans continued in secret. In the 1980s the US government and the aliens made a new deal and are once again working together.[5]

Grand Deception[edit | edit source]

According to Lear, the EBEs claim to have created Christ. The EBEs have a recording device, nicknamed “Yellow Book”, that has recorded all of the Earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram. This hologram can be filmed but because of the way holograms work, it may not come out clearly. The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of Olives has allegedly been put on film to show to the public. The EBEs claim to have created Christ in view of a "Grand Deception" that could be an effort to disrupt traditional values.[6]

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