This is a psychology article concerning core concepts in mythology, ufology, and the paranormal, with the intention to contemplate the nature of what is good and evil.

Good and evil is a human concept pondered by philosophers and theologians alike, to determine the intent of the protagonists and antagonists of legend, ufology, and paranormal studies. The human drive behind pondering good and evil, is psychologically rooted for the preservation of humanity. Virtually all decisions and judgements are made based on whether we (humans) “think” something is good, or bad.


The following content is comprised of rhetorical questions to ponder what is good and what is evil, or if it even really matters.

Humans want to know who the “good guys” are, and who the “bad guys” are: Are they good spirits, or bad? Are they good aliens or evil aliens?[1] Are they a Confederation,[2] or a Federation[3] (are names significant? Why do names change?) ? Are they “beings of light”,[4] or Luciferian?[5] Are they Draconian,[6] or Reptilian? Are they Archons, or Anunnaki? Are they all the same - to elevate us as humans, or just hellbent on human domination (to enslave and feed off of us)?[7] Is David Wilcock’s “Alliance” on our side,[8] or just using us as puppets? Was World War II a proxy war (Compare Paul Hellyer symposium[9]) for an even greater (possibly spiritual) struggle in our midst? Are we bystanders in a fight between extraterrestrial Allied forces and an Axis powers equivillant? Is there really a power struggle between alien factions,[7] or are we just caught in the middle of a galactic theatre between good and evil?

Why does the tetraskelion (or Swastica) keep popping up in ufology?[10] Is it good or evil? Is it good when reversed? Is reversed really evil? Which way is “reversed”?[notes 1]


Click on the image to read clear print on the history of the star insignia used on US military aircraft

Is the pentagram good or evil? Is it good and evil? Is it good right-side up (as portrayed as a star on US military aircraft), or is it evil no matter which way it’s turned? Does it become evil if a circle is drawn around the star? Is it evil when a star is “upside down”? What constitutes as upside down? If an “entity” is invoked, are they seated, or standing, next to you, where all are observing the pentagram in the same position? From the perspective of a seated human looking at the pentagram “upside-down”, it would be viewed right side up to an “entity” on the opposite side of the star. Is the position of the pentagram either good or evil dependent on the human perspective?

Are goats good, or evil?

The psychology behind these concepts is for the pursuit of human preservation and longevity.

Biblical formulaEdit

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In the Gospel of John, there is a dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus, where a comparison is made between the raising up of the Son of Man and the act of the serpent being raised by Moses for the healing of the people.[14][15]


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Racial formulaEdit

The “alien races”[16] (in no particular order) are: “Nordics”,[17]Greys”,[18] “Little green men”,[19] “Blues”,[20] and “Tall whites”[21]. Are these racist expressions of identification? Does the Great White Brotherhood factor into the racial formula?[22] What is the “black lodge”?[23] Does white mean good, and black mean evil? What is the purpose of gray magick if white magick is all good? Is gray magick, because of its “neutrality”, better than white magick as it is to black magick? Is there a true difference between white and black magick?[24] White and black auras?[25] White and black aliens?[26] And finally, white and black people?

Explain how the above is mixing apples to oranges when they are all fruit.[fruits 1]

Higher intelligenceEdit

An outstanding question, especially by non-believers of higher intelligence over mere humans, is: If there is an advanced race existing amongst us, why haven’t they eradicated humans already? Why hide in the shadows, and not make themselves known?

Possible answers
From an acute conspiratorial view: it is easier to run a shadow government behind the scenes, that can employ black projects without needing a law makers’ consent (i.e. congress), or consent by “The People”.

From an obtuse conspiratorial view: the “laws of nature” are balanced and set, and no matter what “evils” are done, it is eventually balanced out. So rather than squashing its resources, the higher intelligence chooses to “use” its resources (i.e. humans, the way we use cattle as a resource to breed, milk, and use for food) with as less collateral damage as possible. If a cow is not privy to human standards of living, how can humans be privy to the methods of a higher intelligence?

See also Linda Moulton Howe’s symposium on “Prime” beings discussed at Contact in the Desert c. 2018

Tangent questionsEdit

  1. BB3444B6-254A-4702-A6DC-759B0414DE34

    "The markings on the plaster casts of the shoes of the Venusian” - The Adamski encounter

    Why would a tetraskelion be imprinted on the soles of Adamski’s Venusian? Was the position of the tetraskelion meant to be viewed as a mirror (opposite) from the cast (Thus the original position would be Swastica)? Was it meant to be viewed at all (as it was located on the soles)? Is there any signicance to the Venusian being “Nordic” looking? Why doesn't the Venusian look Hindu, or Native American for the justification of the tetraskelion? (see also George Adamski).

Tangent fruitsEdit

  1. From a Christian perspective, the Gospels liken fruit to people and their works. “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:19-20). If white magick is good, and if Jesus’ fine works were good: was Jesus’ unexplained miracles—white magick?

What’s in a name?Edit

Please note, there is a tinge of sarcasm for the following real perspectives:
  • If G-d is spelled with capital “G”, He is good. If lower case “g” as in “god”, he is pagan and evil. If G-d is spelled with consenants only (without vowels), this must be the true Judeo G-d. But if it has the “o” in it, it can only be a false evil Christian God.
  • If magic is spelled “magic”, it must be good and white magic, because if you add the “k” at the end, as in black magick, it is evil and black.
  • Galactic Confederation of Light! Oops, I meant to say: Galactic Federation of Light!

See alsoEdit

Linda Moulton Howe - Three Types of Extraterrestrials Battling for Control of Earth

Linda Moulton Howe - Three Types of Extraterrestrials Battling for Control of Earth


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