The following is a list of the most critical terms A—Z for the UFO-Alien Database.


AFOSI - Is the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations, which is said to be involved in notable UFO investigations.

Alien — anything not understood, either terrestrial or extraterrestrial; an anomaly.

Anunna — oldest term in the known human language (Sumerian) to refer to a pantheon of deities. Root word of Anunnaki (princely star seed). They are tall, white or pale, humanoid, blue-eyed beings (appear as Oriental, Nordics, Blondes, Pleiadeans, Space Brothers, the GFL, etc...). Designated as type EBE-2.

The Aviarydisinformants; but might be in a pigeonhole.


Beta — or Project Beta, is a paper by Paul Bennewitz, written in 1988, that recommends how to infiltrate the unconfirmed Dulce Base. The paper was influential to Jason Bishop, Branton, and the later Phil Schneider. If Thomas Castello is real—the abductions and captives of unethical human experimentation at Dulce are still located there (Successor programs of MKUltra).

Black Book — Recorded UFO sightings that Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter thought were essential for US Present Truman’s viewing. According to Majestic 1st Annual Report, after Hillenkoetter’s replacement as DCI, the Watch Committee assumed tracking “Black Book” UFO events.

Blue Book — a United States disinformation project with the objective to catalogue non-essential UFO sightings, in order to satisfy National Security interests. The Condon Report helped to end the project, at a time when Blue Book no longer served a purpose.


Cattle mutilations — can occur as unexplained killings of cattle, where soft body parts such as eyes, lips, udders, and sex organs have been surgically removed (Loy Lawhon,

Condon Report - In 1966, the US Air Force commissioned the University of Colorado to make a scientific study of UFOs, headed by Dr. Edward Condon. In 1969 the group published The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects to debunk UFO phenomena. The purpose of the report was to end Project Blue Book (Loy Lawhon,

Cryptozoology — is the independent research and study of information pertaining to unverified creatures given by eye-witness reports, or from folklore. Because cryptozoological data cannot be quantified or measured, it is not an academic study. The word itself is credited to Ivan Sanderson in the late 1940s. “Crypto” comes from the Greek word kruptos meaning ‘hidden’. An example of a cryptzoological animal is a ‘dragon’.

Crash Team Recovery (CTR) — refers to the teams involved in the recovery of a UFO incident. Recovery operations nominally involve (1) securing UFO craft, its occupants, and materiels (2) “scrubbing” and securing the Landing zones (LZs), and (3) assessing the UFO situation to brief the commander.


Disinformation — employed to intentionally lead an audience off-track from a dirty truth (Grudge, Blue Book, Red Book, Yellow Book).

Draconians / Dracos—a moniker, or slang term, used by human personnel to refer to white alien authoritarian masters who enforce a strict Draconian Law at black sites around the world (i.e. Dulce Base).

Dulce Base — a US black site DUMB under the MKUltra programs; Known for abducting, housing, and experimenting on humans. Harvests blood, organs, and reproductive eggs/seed.

DUMBDeep Undergound Military Base


EBEExtraterrestrial Biological Entity

Extraterrestrial — pertains to an organism that is independent of Earth.


Gray — or Grey is a moniker used to identify entities that are greyish in color. They are often reported in alien abduction cases. They are witnessed as both tall or short. Sightings are reported worldwide.


Hybrids — The mixing of DNA between humans and The Others. May have also occurred in ancient times regarding stories of chimeras, demigods and nephilim.


Incident—will refer to a UFO crash site investigated by government departments. Often confused with the terms “abduction”, “sighting”, or “encounter”.

InterdimentionalMisinformation; the truer concept is not fully understood by humans. The key to understanding is comprehending the ability to displace atoms (See Lacerta File 1999 (Commentary) and Lacerta File 2000 (Commentary)).


Lokas or Talas a Hindu concept that refers to multiple layers of physical worlds. Western researchers might be misrepresenting this concept to mean multiple dimensions. The concept becomes of serious interest in xenology and ufology due to it being mentioned in the declassified Memorandum 6751. The US document details another world "which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.[Line 5] The region from which they come...corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms."[Line 8]

LHCLarge Hadron Collider. Ever wonder why there have been major cut backs on space programs? L - H - C the particlenaut; Human scientists are trying to figure out how to displace atoms the way The Others can. (Side note on space funding: Trump only revealed an already existing Space Fleet that’s been active since Reagan- See and thank Gary McKinnon).


Misinformationunintentionally publicizing information that is not quite correct. Could be an honest mistake or wasn’t interpreted correctly. This is quite common, and should not motivate witch hunts.

Missing time—is “memory blanking”, or a form of amnesia, a phenomenon that often occurs during abduction experiences. The feeling of lost time can be felt well over an hour. In some cases, an abductee might not even realize that time was lost; An example of this might be the Knowles abduction case out of Australia.


Nibiru — in the Akkadian language, translates as "crossing" or "point of transition". The term is used in Babylonian astronomy to refer to the planet Jupiter (Marduk). Zecharia Sitchin did a thought experiment on Sumerian antiquities using Babylonian mythology to support his Ancient astronaut hypothesis.


The Others a term used, specifically for this Glossary, to refer to non-human entities on Earth no matter their affiliation.



Planform — an aerodynamic vehicle platform (German and Takahashi, 4 Jun 2012). The term is used in Majestic 1st Annual Report.


Reptilians — or Saurians; Evolved highly intelligent dinosauroid native to Earth; Live in advanced subterranean dwellings; Deified by “pagans”; considered demons by the Abrahamic faiths ( “Christians”, “Judaists”, “Muslims”). If anyone asks why they don’t reveal themselves... think witch hunt, crusades, Dark Ages.


S-4 — A black site DUMB near Area 51 that was used for analyzing alien flying craft. Area 51 performed some of the test flights from the inspirations that came out of S-4.

SerpoDisinformation (See Serpo hypothesis); A project allegedly having gone to a planet in the Zeta Reticuli system (based on Releases with a lot of bantering between "informants"). After Memorandum 6751 was declassified in 2010 and disclosed to the public by the FBI archives— a new light might be shed on Serpo. Memo 6751 states that there is another world that "interpenetrates" with our own. The expedition to codename Serpo may have never left Earth. What the Serpo Team might have witnessed was a world "interpenetrated" deep within Inner Earth (or Hollow Earth). This conspiracy within a conspiracy is reinforced by the chimera-like beings they encountered, namely a large snake with human eyes (supports Dulce Base experiments on Level 6-"The Vivarium" note: Level 6 is 45 feet high; with an additional 45 feet of space going up to the next level; and other 45 feet of space going down to the next level-Castello interview).

StargateMisinformation; If dealing with an alternate dimension-the truer concept is not fully understood by humans. The key to understanding is comprehending the ability to displace atoms (Something the LHC is suspected of working on). Stargates are not interstellar. The Other world is a lot closer than humans realize (See Memorandum 6751 and Lokas or Talas). The term may also be related to "Sun Gate", megaliths readily seen in Mesoamerica. "Sun Gates" are also mentioned in the Books of Enoch in connection to the Zodiac. Stargates or Sungates may not be portals to other galaxies, but are physical star-maps as in archaeoastronomy.


Tiamat — (Sumerian deity) Perhaps the most ancient of beings who seeded the Reptilians (The planet Tiamat is a moniker).


UAP — Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, the proper British way of saying UFO—Unidentified Flying Object (See UFO phenomena).

UFO flap — is a series of UFOs sighted by multiple witnesses over a specific length of time; sometimes called a “wave” of UFOs.

Ufology — The study and analysis of sightings, documents or material to determine alien flying craft. Though it is not typically acknowledged in academia, it is a study in various governmental departments around the world.

Ufologist — In the most precise sense of the term, a Ufologist is someone employed or sanctioned by a government department to conduct UFO studies, and to report their findings. The person may be civilian or otherwise, but usually has a degree in astronomy. The term is often confused with independent UFO researchers.


Watch Committee—An intelligence group confirmed to be at the center of the US intelligence community (CIA, 2002). The term was revealed as early as 1998 in the Majestic 1st Annual Report published in The Contents of THE MAJESTIC DOCUMENTS, by Dr. Robert M. & Ryan S. Wood, Copyright 1998. The term reappeared in 2017 in the leaked Wilson meeting 2002 notes.


Xenology — is the study of anything that is alien, whether terrestrial or non-terrestrial. The academic study of xenology is a branch of astrobiology that focuses on extraterrestrial microorganisms, since their discovery in space. Independent research in xenology includes the study of documents, materials, and reports of aliens associated with UFO cases (typically the occupants), alien abduction cases, and paranormal or cyptozoological entities.


ZetasDisinformation: Look to the stars, not under your feet. (moments later) Woe! How did that get there?—there’s a Dulce Base.

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