The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), or Galactic Confederation,[2][3] are an inter-dimensional council who were revealed to Sheldan Nidle by means of channeling, before 1996. As a result, Nidle began the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) in 1996 which gave birth to the new religious movement.


Sheldan Nidle founded the organization Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) in 1996,[4] upon revelation of the “Galactic Federation of Light”. Nidle enlisted channelers like Greg Giles to promote its agenda: seek out "Starseeds" and activate them.

PAO claims that the Ashtar Galactic Command is a division of the GFL and subsequently assimilated the Ashtar Command movement. The new GFL movement, like its predecessor,[5] syncretizes ufology, Christian doctrine and Eastern religions, thus considered a New religious movement by academia.


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One of the earliest doctrines to be borrowed by the GFL movement is the “photon belt” hypothesis, a pseudoscience proposed as early as 1950 by Paul Otto Hesse. The hypothesis suggested that there are cycles of time, where the Earth passes through a certain wave of photons, emitted from Pleiades, that are thought to endow “enlightenment”. The concept was adopted into the New Age movement. Sheldan Nidle attempted to predict the arrival of 16 million spaceships and a host of angels from the "photon belt",[6] for almost twenty years.[7]

As new channelers joined the GFL movement, they borrowed from other older channelled concepts into their millennial doctrines, such as Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky’s (1831 – 1891) Great White Brotherhood of Ascended masters.[8] Also, George Van Tassel’s 1948 “Brotherhood of the Cosmic Christ”, Robert Short’s 1952 “Ashtar Command”,[5] and Thelma B. Terrill (Tuella)’s 1982 “Ashtar Galactic Command”.

Every decade, new titles and acronyms are populated, in relation to the GFL, such as: “Super Federation”,[3] Galactic Council, Intergalactic Council, Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies (UFOG), etc...[9]


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The GFL identify with the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation. They may appear as "multidimensional spirit beings" or as humanoid beings. They are supposedly in conflict with The Greys over Earth dealings with Humans. Sheldan Nidle has channeled that the GFL was created 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional darkforces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations, or unions.[10]


[The entity] SaLuSa’s colleague Atmos explains, “there is a reluctance to move out of the reality they are used to.” (6) Consequently, according to SaLusa, they “will continue to have little or no interest [in Acension], having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension.” (7)
Ironically, those souls that have “remained with closed eyes and ears where Ascension is concerned, will be the ones confused and even frightened of the changes for which they have not made preparations.” (8) It’ll be our job as lightworkers to reassure them even though they won’t be coming along with us.


There will be Interbreeding

From the entity Ashira, 2014:
And so when we look at you, when we speak to you, and you express this desire to be with us, we feel that it is because we are closest to you. Now, are there many Beings of all shapes, sizes, dimensional realities, further out either in this Galaxy or from where I have come from beyond this Galaxy? Yes, but we are right at hand, and we are humanoid – well, we tend to be primarily humanoid – we also can shape-shift a great deal, so we appear humanoid to you. So this similarity, the potential for meaningful relationships and friendships is there.

[Entity] Ashira: There will be interbreeding. (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira on Galactic Life, March 18, 2014," at

Failed predictionsEdit

December 17, 1996 prediction

Sheldan Nidle predicted that the world would end on December 17, 1996 with the arrival of 16 million spaceships and a host of angels from the "photon belt".[11][12][13] When this did not occur, Nidle claimed the angels had transferred humanity into a holographic projection in order to give it a second chance.[13] Following his prediction's failure, Nidle removed all reference to it from his website.[14] Nidle was "awarded" a Pigasus Award, which is designed to expose psychic frauds.[15]

October 14, 2008 prediction

A psychic named "blossom Goodchild" posted videos on Youtube and other websites across the internet indicating that she had made contact with members of the GFL. They allegedly told her they would arrive on Earth in a massive ship on October 14 of 2008, the ship was said to be seen near Alabama. As predicted by many skeptics the ship never came and many people who follow the GFL idea were angry. She responded by saying that their trip would be delayed.


‘The David Wilcock and Corey Goode show’ draw a lot of their material from the GFL movement[3] to promote their “insider” schemes of a secret space program (SSP) operated by an “Alliance” fleet against the “Cabal” in a secret space war, while us dumb humans don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. But thanks to them, we can go to their conferences to get “debriefed” on all the dirty workings disclosed solely to Wilcock and Goode, by their “insiders”—of the continuation of a World War II space drama—starting with Nazi bases on (or in) the moon.


Ufologists and most people who are interested in the UFO/Alien phenomenon view the GFL with large skeptisim. To most paranormal investigation teams it is classified as a large "cult" that feeds into the extraterrestrial phenomenon. GFL promotes that the extraterrestrial life (through “Acension”) is something more desirable than to be ‘trapped’ in our current third dimensional reality. Many view GFL ideas as unhealthy and on the line of ideological fanaticism.

Example of the GFL teetering on Heaven’s Gate:
“There is absolutely nothing that has occurred on Earth, that cannot be “replayed” should the need arise. That is how those who leave the Earth after leaving their physical body on death, can have a review of their life.”—entity SaLuSa, 18th July 2011 “and our endeavours will ensure that only those who arranged to leave the Earth before Ascension will do so.”—entity SaLuSa, 11th July 2011[16]


Commentaries by UFO-Alien Database
  • The uses of the words “federation”, “confederation”, “union”, “republic”, even “allied” inserted into the various alien organization titles is a reflection of US-American culture and thinking, which begs to question the legitimacy of who these alleged ‘Galactic’ alien groups say they are (Perhaps these words are easier to digest than say... united galactic social <-ism).
  • Seeking out and “activating Star seeds” sounds a lot like Sleeper agents.
  • When mixing “Christ doctrine” or other religious ideologies with alien-UFOism, you might get a bad concoction of Heaven's Gate (religious group). This was a “Christian” UFO group who commited suicide in 1997 in an effort to leave their human bodies, a concept closely linked to India Syndrome.
  • What’s more scary is that UFO activists and researchers chiming for disclosure of alien presence, might get it—at the end of a plank board in a “join us or die” scenario, one of Steven Hawking's greatest fears.[17]

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