The Galactic Command consists of a council that is channelled by various workers or medium groups since the 1980s. The concept derives from the Ashtar Command. “Galactic Command” was promoted in the 1980s by the Ground Crew Project, until the split of Sheldon Nidle and Valerie Donnell in December 1997.[1] Since then, mediums either consult the “Galactic Confederation” or the “Galactic Federation”.

Galactic ConfederationEdit

The Galactic Confederation movement assists humanity in going through a transition called “Ascension”. The origins of the Galactic Confederation trace back to the Great White Brotherhood. In the Confederation, Ashtar and Soltec are two primary entities who are channeled in mediumship.[2]

The Galactic Confederation identifies with Lyra[2] and Orion constellations,[3] and Alcyone (star) in Pleiades,[2] and Sirius in Canis Major.[3]

According to WhiteRaven, the serpent Queens of Orion are the heads of state for the Aryan race. WhiteRaven claims to have channeled King Ahn (see Anunnaki) who informs that Lucifer, Arch Angel Sataniel, Jesus, Arch Angel Michael and the Christ are now unified and at peace with the Divine Creator. Further, King Ahn informs that both the Serpent Tribes and Bird Tribes are also united[3] in the millennial age.

Galactic Federation of LightEdit

Speer Group of Berlin

It’s believed that the Speer Group of Berlin was founded on the ideals of Albert Speer to rebuild Berlin, Germany. During WWII, Hitler consulted Albert Speer to reconstruct a “St Peter's Square” in the Vatican, for Berlin.[4] Being a close ally of Adolf Hitler, Speer was convicted at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Since the 1960s, the Speer Group of Berlin had taken an active interest in the work of Ethel P. HillIn Days to Come (1957), and produced their own publications concerning the Ashtar Command. They gave the name “Ashtar Sheran”, which is probably a varied usage of the name “Shan”. In their translation of “To Our Friends on the Planet Shan—Greetings!”; for the Planet, the Berlin group used the word “Erde” (Earth).[5]

The Galactic Federation of Light is a supposed council that Sheldan Nidle channelled since 1996. It is the focal point of the Ground Crew Project—a new religious movement in UFO religion. Some concepts and hierarchy branch from the Great White Brotherhood of Light.[6] Ground Crew members put great emphasis on “Ascension”.[7]

The Planetary Activation Organization founded by Sheldan Nidle in 1997, also seeks to spread the message of the Galactic Federation. Many of these groups assimilate the Ashtar Galactic Command concept into their millennial doctrines, adopting the name “Ashtar Sheran”, which was a name first used by the Speer Group of Berlin since the early 1960s.[5]

Ashtar Sheran and the Galactic Federation of Light have been channeled by many psychics on the internet who claim to receive their messages.[8] Some have also claimed to see Space Brothers in person, although such information is often limited.

In the UFO religion, there is an active interest to locate and activate “Starseeds”,[9] and to attune to “Star Masters”.[10]

Ashtar SheranEdit

The name “Ashtar Sheran” was first used by the Speer Group of Berlin as early as the 1960s.[5] Sheran had sometimes been identified with Venus, bearing similarities to Sanat Kumara, a New Age Ascended Master.[11]

A Millennial concept of Ashtar Sheran is as follows:


Millennial concept image of Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran originates from the Pleiades star system. Contrary to popular belief about Ashtar Sheran being a demonic imposter or an apocalyptic figure, channelers who channel the true soul/entity identify Sheran as a self-identified benevolent being whose goal is to use channelers as a tool for spreading truth in order to rehabilitate humanity to ascend up to the fifth dimension as it is the lowest he can densify his frequency. Many messages surface frequently that openly reveal complex multidimensional plans for the Age of Aquarius. He mentions with other Ascended Masters that Earth will 'split' into three different timelines of herself and one is temporary. [12] One of the largest missions currently for the GFL and AGC is the prevention of Agenda 2030.[13]


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