Extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE), (short plural Ebens) is a ufology term used in the United States to describe the occupants of UFO incidents, namely from Roswell (1947) and Aztec (1948). The term “Eben” was in use as early as Paul Bennewitz in the 1980s.[1] “EBE” is not an academic term.


Operation Majestic 1952. In 1984, the "MJ-12 Document" surfaced among ufology groups, which says that Detlev Bronk's team[fn 1] has suggested the term "Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities", or "EBEs", be the standard term to refer to the UFO occupants recovered from Roswell (MJ-12, pg.3).[2]

Operation Majestic 1989. In 2017, the Majestic UFO Assessment of 1989 surfaced on the internet,[3] which says that there are four types of EBEs: (1) Earth-like humanoids, (2) the Greys, (3) Non-humanoids, and (4) transmorphic; and that these are “aliens of one or more advanced races of beings presumed to have originated elsewhere than on the planet Earth.”[4] This Assessment paper is likely the same Assessment papers that Robert O. Dean spoke of, regarding four alien groups on Earth.[fn 2]

Serpo releases (2005). In late 2005, the Serpo affair appeared on the internet, borrowing the label “Eben” and applying it as a name designation to describe a race of “Browns” (Greys) who live on the world Serpo.[5] Numerical classifications are not used in the initial Serpo releases; But Anonymous II does give a history of EBE-1 in Release 36.

  1. In the mid-1990s, Bill Cooper mistakenly attributed the EBE designation to Vannevar Bush, rather than Detlev Bronk.
  2. Numerical classification of EBE, such as EBE-1, EBE-2, etc., was applied by later researchers to differentiate the first “extraterrestrial” alien recovered (Roswell), from sequential ones. The Operation Majestic 1989 papers describe the first and second aliens in US custody as being completely different beings, but does not use a number classification. The order of alien types given in the Operation Majestic 1989 papers does not follow the order of recovered alien types (Operation Majestic, 1989, pp. 13, 29, 40-41).



Operation Majestic 1952. EBE-1, or the “Roswell EBE”, was the first alien recovered by the US government. EBE-1 was a Grey who was able to effectively communicate with US officials by the use of pictographs,[6][3] or logograms[7] (the basis of Cuneiform). Anonymous II describes EBE-1’s demeanor as always being docile, standing 4'3" tall, weighing 60-lbs., and maintaining body heat at 101 degrees. EBE-I wore a tight-fitting one-piece suit.[7] Anonymous II partially collaborates with Bob Lazar’s review of the briefing notes on the biology of these EBE types: having one primary organ[8]— working as a heart with lungs combined.[7] According to Bill Cooper, EBE-1’s system was chlorophyll-based. Guillermo Mendoza was assigned to monitor EBE-1’s phytoid biological functions. Around 1951, EBE-I began experiencing complications, and finally died in June 1952.[1][9]



“Earth-like humanoid male”—Operation Majestic (1989), p. 29, 40

Operation Majestic 1989. EBE-2, or the “Aztec EBE”, was recovered from the Aztec UFO incident in 1948.[10] The Aztec EBE is an Earth-like humanoid male,[11] who spoke very good English with an accent. He gave his name as Sethimus during a US interrogation that lasted over an eleventh month period. His interviews were classified as Project Aquarius, codename “Digger Command”. Selected transcripts of recorded conversations are compiled in the papers, on pages 31-37. Sethimus was temporarily moved to Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1950, then was transferred to a safe-home in Vermont.[3]



Since numeral classifications were applied by later US researchers, EBE-3 could constitute any of these:

  • J-Rod, from the alleged UFO impact near Kingman, Arizona 1953.
  • The unofficial official “first contact” Eben who allegedly arrived to impart the “Greada Treaty”. Sometimes viewed as EBE-2,[1] by those who are not familiar with, or who do not acknowledge the Aztec 1948 UFO incident.


In 2005, "Eben" was used to identify entities from Zeta Reticuli in the Serpo affair.

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According to Bob Lazar, he had witnessed nine (9) UFO craft at S-4 near Area 51 at least since 1989.[8] An insider by the alias name “Kewper” (Cooper) confirms eye-witnessing seven (7) UFO craft at Papoose S-4 in August 1958.[12] Operation Majestic (1989) also debriefs seven (7) UFO craft being in US possession. The Operation Majestic papers show that all UFO craft were recovered within a ten year time span, between the years 1947 and 1957. Among the craft, twenty-seven (27) deceased EBEs were also collected for study and analysis.[4]

The EBE craft recovered by US officials, included both Greys and “Earth-like humanoids”.[13] It was determined in the Operation Majestic 1989 papers that the Greys serve the Earth-like humanoids under a hive-mind like system (see Swarm intelligence), equated to “drones” (i.e. apoidea/bees). The papers also indicate that the Greys, at least, are “incapable of sexual reproduction”.[14] The Operation Majestic papers and the Project Serpo Anonymous testimony both speak of children Ebens, who are likely lab-grown.

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