Entities, in xenology, are supernormal intelligences that are defined as the conglomerate of all mystery type beings.

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The earliest known entities on Earth are Jinn. The Jinn may guise themseves as shadow beings, chimeras, bigfoot, wendigo, ghosts, demons, angels, deities, extraterrestrials, or aliens.


Since Sumeria, seven mystery beings known as the Abgal served as “wise sages” for mankind. Throughout mans’ developement all human cultures have been aided by invisible beings known as Jinn. Plato believed that a genius (pl. geniī) follows each man from the hour of his birth until the day he died as a guardian angel or spirit (Just as a Juno does for women).

UFO-Alien phenomenaEdit


The trickster figure Reynard the Fox as depicted in an 1869 children's book by Michel Rodange

Much of the UFO-Alien phenomena are directly related to Jinn, who possibly originate from the Lokas or Talas (See Memorandum 6751).

For this reason, alien entities are not “inter-dimensional” as modern ufologists claim. They are a higher intelligence that have existed on Earth since the dawn mankind. Some Jinn were known to be “tricksters” in the ancient world. Thus the many alien races, such as seen in the works of Dante Santori or Clifford Stone, are merely the works of Jinn.

The primary meaning of the Arabic word Jinn, means "to hide" or "to conceal". The Jinn may disguise themselves for either good or bad. They are invisible to the human eye, but it’s suspected that certain creatures can see them—such as wolves (canines), felines, and reptilians. Thus, Jinn may appear as anthropomorphic or zoomorphic.

Zoomorphic features are seen in the ancient pictograms of the Great Ennead (Council of Nine) and even earlier in Sumeria’s Anunna.

The “Council of Nine” ruled by “TA” (or “Ptah) was documented by Paul Bennewitz in 1986, during his investigation of Manzano Base in New Mexico.[1]

Lacerta 1999 speaks of only 14, possibly 15 alien races on Earth. It’s believed that these may be 14 or 15 different groups of Jinn operating under the Council of Nine and Council of Five respectively. These numbers also correlate with the number of worlds of the Lokas or Talas.

Paranormal phenomenaEdit

The events at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, deemed “High Strangeness” by George Knapp, is a powerful example of how alien our world really is—from skin-walkers, to aliens, to orbs, and gateways. These are not some cut and dry extraterrestrial visitations. Many UFO abductions also include witnessing Bigfoot amongst a host of other aliens. The Bigfoot phenomenon also follows the same pattern of allusiveness. This is the paranormal power of the Jinn.

High paranormal activity from the Jinn is as a result of humans disrespecting and desecrating sacred spaces. Such as, but not limited to the bloodshed of the First Nations people on The Americas (or Turtle Island) soil.

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