Entities may refer to biological or energy lifeforms. In ufology and xenology, biological lifeforms have been reported as Extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs).

Entities can be extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, subterraneans, and humanoids. The Lacerta Files state that, in the Solar System, there are fourteen root varieties of beings, and a fifteenth one that is temporal.[1] Some beings have formed alliances or organizations comprising of various race types. Brian Onley, who presents The Book of Man, warns about the use of terms like "species" and "race" where in some cases, they may not be appropriate to ascribe to these beings. Most of the labels we use are humanized racial monikers, like "the greys" a moniker for the beings with grey skin,[2] and "Nordics" a moniker for the European looking, blondish, light skinned extraterrestrials.

Race groupsEdit

The following is a list of known races and their seeds:

1. The Tiamat, reptoids from Lokas or Talas,[3] a root race from another universe.
2. Evadamics,[4] or "Tribe of Man";[5] Were either created by the Eloheem or are brethren.
3. Anunnaki, "children of Anu (star, sky, heaven)", the Illojiim from Aldebaran,[1] a breakaway group of the Eloheem who colonized Earth 1/2 MYA. They also appear Nordic in nature being tall fair skinned or "white", blond, and blue-eyed. May possibly be of the Ahl'man who settled the Taurus constellation.
  • Vrilya, Earth based subterranean order of angelic like beings with wings; Race is called "Ana"; likely descendants of the Anunnaki. The knowledge of their "vril" power was channeled by beings from Aldebaran.
  • Nephilim, (Heb:giants) man-giants who are descendants of the Gregori-Anunnaki lines.
  • The Watchers, are of the Eloheem, brethren of Anunnaki, may or may not have intervened directly into human affairs
4. Celestines, "The Greys"
  • D'aul, genetically modified from D'ow.[6]
5. Root race 5
6. Root race 6
7. Root race 7
8. Root race 8
9. Root race 9
10. Root race 10
11. Root race 11
12. Root race 12
13. Root race 13
14. Root race 14
15. Super advanced quantum temporal beings; the oldest of all beings. Quite possibly the Eloheem who did NOT colonize Earth.


The following is a list of known interstellar organizations comprising of various races. It is presently undetermined if any of these organizations are one in the same or distinct in agendas:

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