Draconians (Slang: Dracos) follow Draconian Law, also known by some sources as the "Law of One", under the Draconian Empire. The law was implemented by a secret empirical government that operates as a Deep State within each country of the Big Five (P5).

Adherents[edit | edit source]

Val Thor at the Pentagon[1]

Adherents of the Draconian Empire consist predominantly of Nordic beings, clones, Greys, and some Reptilians. One of the first Draconians to reveal themselves in the modern world, is Val Thor who visited the United States Pentagon between 1957 to 1960, before the Cuba Missile Crisis.[1]

Big Tech
US tech companies Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft[2] are technological gateways for the Draconian Empire to "open" or "close" the passing of electronic data, either for sales or social media, with the agenda to affect worldwide political change. Each of the Big Tech companies are subcontracted by the US Pentagon in artificial intelligence.[3]

Being politically left or right has no bearing under Draconian Law. For example, the Mayoralty of Michael Bloomberg was GOP from 2002–2007, then Independent from 2007–2013.[4] For the Michael Bloomberg 2020 presidential campaign he ran as a member of the Democratic Party.[5]

Mayor Bloomberg was criticized for not allowing emergency officials, who responded to the September 11, 2001 attacks, to attend the tenth anniversary observation of that day.[fn 1]

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US media
Wikipedia, a bureaucrat operated website that has articles such as Nazi propaganda and the United Kingdom, but lacks propaganda pertaining to the United States, is a major platform for the Draconian Empire with the agenda to alter recorded World history.[6]

US political commentators Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are propagandists, on the far right, for the Draconian Empire.

US political commentators Anderson Cooper, Nancy Barnes, Steven R. Swartz, Stephen Colbert,[7] and Steve Coll are propagandists, on the far left, for the Draconian Empire.

The Draconian Empire employs big churches of Christendom, both Catholic and Pentecostal, to serve as an infrastructure for society. They are needed to move the masses into war when desired. Sex scandals in the hierarchy have no bearing on their positions.[fn 1]

  1. McCarrick’s Public Revelation of a Prior Anonymous Accusation and Journalists’ Investigations Regarding the Beach House (April to May 2002). In January 2002, the sexual abuse of minors by priests and the handling of such cases by bishops erupted into a major scandal in the United States after the publication of a series of articles in The Boston Globe. The intense public scrutiny built steadily through the Spring of 2002. In early April 2002, Susan Gibbs, the Executive Director for Communications for the Archdiocese of Washington, was informed that reporters were asking questions about Cardinal McCarrick’s conduct with adult seminarians at the beach house on the New Jersey shore (REPORT ON THE HOLY SEE’S INSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND DECISION-MAKING RELATED TO FORMER CARDINAL).

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