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Danny B. (Crain) Catselas Burisch, (born February 2, 1964 in Los Angeles, California) came into some knowledge regarding the Orion Empire, and has written a number of papers dealing with the issue. Some of things that Burisch went public with got him into trouble.

Background: Burisch never worked at Area51 or S4.[]

Danny Burisch's father, John Dennis Crain, was a microbiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. By the 1980s, the Crain family moved from LA to Clark County, Nevada.

Danny got his Bachelor's degree in biology at UNLV in 1986.[1] Around the same year, his father John Crain, had passed away. Towards the 1990s, Danny, a democrat,[2] married his college sweetheart Deborah Kay and took her last name Burisch.[1][3]

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Danny enjoys learning about esoteric concepts such as Kabbalah mysticism, as well as having an interest in Hindu mythology. He his familiar with Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Shiva, and Ganesh; and attributes such as shakti and lotus. Danny also has an interest in healing and regenerative powers.[2]

Having lived in Southern Nevada for a number of years, after his father's death, Danny sought to "preserve Mother". He began focusing his attention on some of his father's research, which has led him to believe that there is a UFO conspiracy[4] that involves the Orion Empire.[5]

Orion Empire[]

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Since early 2002, Danny Crain had certain knowledge about the surveillance of a few indivisuals who sought asylum in Canada, named Don Deppeller and Toni Jannelli.[5]

Deppeller and Burisch had been corresponding with very obscure indivisuals, from 2003 to 2004 over the internet, which involved certain leaks regarding top secret Gulf War activities.[4] One of which included the production of a biowarfare virus that impacts the immune system, similar to AIDS, at the RNA level.[3][2]

Burisch reviewing his summons

In early 2004, Burisch got into trouble concerning his involvement in these online correspondences[5] and was summoned to a hearing, scheduled for the 1st of June. Burisch conveyed that "a curtain around me falls hard and tough on the first of this coming June." [2]

Burisch expressed reluctance about entering the hearing, saying that he would consider pleading the fifth should his council be negligent regarding what he though his rights were. Burisch commented, "Every good natured human being, and I think I may somewhat qualify, does in fact want to tell the truth."[2]

On June 8th,[5] Burisch was tracked down and assaulted for "project Lotus" research information conducted by his father, John Dennis Crain, microbiologist. Lotus project focused on cancer research in pursuit of repairing cell damage. Lotus is a subproject of Orion, which uses Orion Light technology. In an effort to protect his father's name, Burisch gave his assailants the name "Catselas as his father's last name."[3]

By March 21, 2005, Danny Burisch had fully recovered from his physical wounds, and in April gave a testimony regarding the surveillance and correspondences that are suspect to his harassment and assault. Burisch considers himself to be a "scion", one who inherited his father's research.[5]

John Dennis Crain[]

John Dennis Crain (1943โ€”1986), born in Minnesota, fathered Danny Crain after moving to Los Angeles when he was 21. John D. Crain worked for a Bleach Company while going to UCLA. Crain became a microbiologist working out of the University of California up until the 1980s. His research involved recognizing "blocking" proteins that could be used in identifying cancer cells. After Crain moved his family to Clark County, Nevada, he had passed away in 1986. The death of Danny's father led him down the path of "Aquarius".


Under his new assumed identity, Burisch, Danny claims to hold a PhD. However, for the public, he has only supplied a certificate for Bachelor of Arts (BA) at UNLV, (which typically takes four years to acquire) issued to his birth name, Danny B. Crain. A person holding a doctorate (PhD) will present their certificate of doctorate, not a BA with another name. In fact, claiming to be a doctor and presenting wrong credentials can constitute a crime, subject to investigation of fraud.

Burisch playing doctor with dishwashing gloves hovering over a microscope with no apparent slide.

A Ph. D. in microbiology typically includes laboratory research and the completing of a thesis or dissertation. After acquiring a three year Master's degree,[6] it typically takes four to six years to complete a doctoral degree program specifically in microbiology.[7] If Danny Burisch pursued a doctorate in microbiology, he would have to invest nearly 12 years of education without interruption of civic or military duties. Born in 1964,[8] if he pursued a doctorate right out of high school, knowing exactly what he wanted without any interruptions to his major, he would be about 30 years old in achieving a doctorate.

To be considered a serious researcher, you would also have to produce a thesis or dissertation. Doctors in their fields, especially lab researchers, often publish their works in peer reviewed publications. The United States government would only consider contracting private researchers, such as Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, someone who has vetted credentials.

The use of "Dr" is often seen in the medical profession, but in more recent years, other professionals especially in psychology make use of the prefix. It is considered taboo to use both Dr and PhD in your name because only one or the other is required to identify credulity.[9] Danny Burisch adds both prefix and suffix to his name: Dr Danny.png. Without showing a certificate of doctorate, Burisch could potentially face charges of misrepresentation.