China UFO Society,[1] sometimes seen as UFO Society of China, is China’s official UFO investigation organization, made up of a body of 4,000 scientists.[2] The organization was established in 1979[2] at Wuhan University, at the behest of the United Nations.[1] The UFO society reports their findings to the National Congress of the Communist Party of China.[1]

Objective[edit | edit source]

The director of the society, Chen Yanchun, said, “Unlike UFO groups in other countries, China's UFO Society does not just try to track down cases, but is also involved in theoretical research.”[2]

In 1992, China “reaffirmed that, in studying the UFO phenomenon, China will always follow the dialectical materialist guiding principle and a practicle and scientific attitude, and will always use modern natural scientific theory as the basis for this study.
“The UFO phenomenon is a puzzle that has baffled mankind since the beginning of this century. Some people believe that UFOs are spaceships sent to the Earth by wise extraterrestrial beings. The United Nations adopted a resolution in 1978 asking all nations to pay close attention to the UFO problem. This year (1992) is the international year of space; The United Nations has again brought up the issue.
“It has been reported that so far some 400,000 people over the world have claimed to have witnessed UFOs. In the past decade and more, more than 5,000 reports on UFOs have been registered on the Chinese mainland.”[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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