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The UFO situation in the People's Republic of China began with UFO recovery operations that began in the 1940s. At the Fourth National Congress, the chairman for the China UFO Society said, “The UFO phenomenon is a puzzle that has baffled mankind since the beginning of this century. Some people believe that UFOs are spaceships sent to the Earth by wise extraterrestrial beings.”[1]

China’s UFO craft recovery operations involve (1) securing UFO craft, its occupants, and materiels (2) “scrubbing” and incorporating protection of the Landing zones (LZs), and (3) drafting an assessment of the UFO situation for the National Congress of the Communist Party of China on UFO phenomena.

Assessing the UFO situation[edit | edit source]

In the mid 1970s, the United Nations addressed the UFO phenomenon. The UN “adopted a resolution in 1978 asking all nations to pay close attention to the UFO problem.”[1]

In 1979, member states of the United Nations took the notion seriously, including original member—China. UN members sanctioned private research groups to genuinely conduct scientific investigations and study of UFOs. Cufos in the United States pioneered UFO studies, enabling other nations to follow suit. Thus, the People's Republic of China established the China UFO Society[1] out of Wuhan University. Though they claimed humble beginnings, they readily staffed up to 4,000 scientists.[2]

In 1992, considered ‘the international year of space’, the United Nations had again brought up the UFO issue, following the address: “It has been reported that so far some 400,000 people over the world have claimed to have witnessed UFOs.” The seriousness of the global UFO situation was taken very seriously by China, who internally addressed the UN’s concerns at the Fourth National Congress on 13 May 1992, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.[1]

Psychic warfare[edit | edit source]

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In 1994, the director of China’s official UFO society at the time, Chen Yanchun, said, “Unlike UFO groups in other countries, China's UFO Society does not just try to track down cases, but is also involved in theoretical research.”[2]

That “theoretical research” includes psychic research, as a genuine study, that was assessed at the Somatic Science Convention on 28 October 1992, according to declassified CIA Report #16.[3]

“Human Paranormal Capabilities Study” at “Somatic Science Convention” (TKP, 28 OCT [1992]). Over 60 research papers and achievements were presented at the conference, which ended in Beijing on 27 Oct. More than 200 scholars and representatives from SSTC, COSTIND, MPH, the U.S. and Japan attended what is billed as the “Second China Convention and third seminar on somatic science”. ((Zhang)) Zhenhua (STC 1728/7201/1403), chairman of the China Somatic Science Society, told attendees that China has made gratifying progress in determining the accuracy of studies on human paranormal capabilities and their applications. Currently, the China Somatics Science RI and the Somatic Science Research Center are undertaking a number of research projects at the State, Provincial, and Municipal levels (CIA, Report 16, 31 Oct 1992, pp. 15, 16).

UFO cases[edit | edit source]

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