Bruce Alan Walton (Branton) about 34 years old. Image from interview at Ufologists in their own Words, Bruce Walton (Branton)

Branton is a pseudonym for Bruce Alan Walton (Bruce Alan Walton) who authored a number of books and documents relating to subterranean phenomena, alien abductions and the alleged Dulce Base of New Mexico.[1] Bruce Walton began publishing as early as 1983. In the nineties, it's believed that Walton corresponded with Jason Bishop, John Lear, and Val Valerian, which subsequently inspired the "Branton Files"[2] that were circulated by anonymous remailer in 1995.

The Branton Files

Emails known as the "Branton Files", first went into circulation by anonymous remailer in January 1995.[3] Branton compiled full length e-documents into books by 1999. Some of the first internet posts were done at and under the name EagleNet.[2][4] Bruce Alan Walton's knowledge concerning Dulce Base is attributed to alien contact and abduction. His experiences are described as having contact through "altered states of consciousness",[5] primarily with beings "living in the inner earth" (See subterraneans). Branton and collaborators formed "Branton and the Group" to discuss the alien agenda. However in 2001,[6] Walton had been involved in an accident that, according to Exopaedia, left him mentally impaired.[1] He may even have suffered from multiple personality disorder (MPD),[5] otherwise known as Dissociative identity disorder. Some of Branton's material had been published in books in collaboration with Commander X at the turn of the millennium, which can be purchased on Amazon. The DeWalton webpages, dedicated to Branton, began appearing around 2012.[Notes 1]

Bruce A. Walton


Bruce Alan Walton was a registered sex offender in the state of Utah from 2009.[7]

Bruce Alan Walton (Branton) was born 7 September 1960,[2][7] in Murray, Utah, USA.[2] Walton is best known for compiling The Dulce Book and The Dulce Wars.[8]

On 28 May 2001, The Daily Herald reported that Bruce Walton was 'hit by a car while riding his bicycle on Sunday.' Walton was riding his bicycle eastbound on 500 North, Provo, near the crosswalk on the south side of the intersection at Freedom Boulevard, when he was hit by a northbound 1992 Nissan 4x4 pickup truck. The driver was identified as Jayton Wakefield, of Provo. Walton was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was later flown by a LifeFlight helicopter to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. Walton sustained injuries to his head and had several broken bones in his face; He was in the intensive-care unit in critical condition. The accident was deemed under investigation.[6]

On 02 June 2008, Bruce Alan Walton was charged with 'Sexual Abuse Of A Child / 2nd Degree Felony' in the State of Utah.[7] He was incarcerated in 2009.[8]


Although 'attempted assassination' and 'character assassination' are terms readily used to justify circumstances, caution is still advised.—The UFO-Alien Database.


  1. Alan DeWalton. Around 2012, web-content signed "DeWalton" was dedicated to Branton. "DeWalton" essentially means "of Walton"; but is not considered original work by Bruce Alan Walton himself. DeWalton states in the article write-up of Brantons Testimony, " I know him personally".


The Branton Files under Penet remailer

Branton e-projects / books


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