• Avatartar20

    Dear citizen,

    August 25, 2019 by Avatartar20

    Dear United States citizen, from a fellow United States citizen,

    We live in the Dark Ages of the United States of America. Karla Turner discovered that not only is the program still going on, but it is connected to UFO Alien abductions. In January 1996, Turner died from being infected with a highly rapid cancer that killed her within 1 year of diagnoses. One week later, Phil Schneider dies under mysterious circumstances (See ). Schneider made the American public aware of Dulce Base, and publicly professed that he knew his days were numbered. It has been determined from The Dulce Papers that Unethical human experimentation at Dulce has been going on, among many other similar MKUltra projects right into our present day.

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  • Mnk78


    March 26, 2019 by Mnk78

    On the night of February 20th, I hung out with a lady named Dove Atlas. Dove Atlas herself is a celestial cat from the Rishan galaxy. She was 6'11, thin, kind of lanky, has dark red markings on her ears and face that seems to be light language letters, has grey fur, and her chest was flat. Her eyes are dark yellow and wore a beautiful dress along with two silver earrings. She even wore a thin halo made out of pure gold. In the middle of it is a circle with two rings along with marble sized balls orbiting it which are made out of gold as well. The last time I met her, she told me about how she created that halo when she was my age 60 million years ago. She even told how she gave the planet Serko a fourth moon that's the size of the Internat…

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  • Avatartar20

    New design

    June 8, 2017 by Avatartar20

    Hi all. This Database is worth building on. I know there are other wikis that are similar... but many Wikias revolve around movie fiction. Do not be disheartened...

    This wiki is quite awesome because it attempts to seek truth and is not cluttered with too much of the movie fiction aspect. Fiction does play an important role though, as highlighted on the Science Fiction article.

    To rekindle this wiki, I posted resources and researchers who also want the truth. There are now over 300 pages on this wiki! It would be nice to see some of the old admins back.

    There will be those who do not like this subject (like what's posted below in 2013)... But there is always to hang out at—the skeptics encyclopedia.

    Thank the original admins for this really c…

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  • Archiphoenic

    ==The largest man carved stone structure building on planet earth. == author acknowledges the need to bring truth to readers over many rumors about how Baalbek was built. It is a new theory unknown to many archeologists and suspicious scientists.It is untrue that aliens existed and were involved in building the megalithic stone temple of Baalbek.

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  • Optimistoptimist

    Personal blog

    July 20, 2010 by Optimistoptimist

    So it seems blog posts are not part of the wiki in the way I at first expected. Doesn't show up in searches.

    I'm not sure how I made the first blog post here, whether I used the tab from my personal user page like I did now, or whether I created the post some other way. But I'm wondering if the following page is for creating some other type of blog post, that is other than posting in one's personal blog:

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  • Optimistoptimist

    Blog post

    November 14, 2009 by Optimistoptimist

    Ok, does this mean I am officially a blogger now? :-)

    Anyway, mainly just wanted to try this out. Will be interested to see if this shows up as a personal blog, or, as I'm guessing from what I read in the description, whether it'll show up as part of some general UFO-Alien Database wiki.

    I guess there's not a lot of activity in this wiki lately, from how it looks just now. Hoping that's going to change.

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