Alien by definition, implies something that is foreign. It derives from the Latin word alienus, meaning “belonging to another”.[1] Xenology is the study of concepts considered to be alien.


The understanding of the word “alien” implies anything that is presently—not understood. Alien can be applied to any matter that is terrestrial or non-terrestrial (ie, extraterrestrial, inter/extra dimensional). It can refer to both a foreign entity (off-Earth), or a terrestrial entity (on Earth) that is not known to humans.

Alien or extraterrestrial?Edit

The etymological difference between alien and extraterrestrial, is that “alien” can be a foreign element as either terrestrial or extraterrestrial; whereas “extraterrestrial” is exclusively independent from Earth.

In the UFO community, there have been debates as to whether to call certain entities “alien” or “extraterrestrial” (Compare good and evil).

According to Bob Lazar, the occupants of nine UFO craft in US possession, at least since the eighties, are said to have been from Zeta Reticuli. If they originated off-world, they could be “extraterrestrial”.

According to Lacerta File 1999 (Commentary), the Saurians (reptilians) are native to Earth, and Lacerta identifies herself and her people as “Terrans”. Since the general puplic has no awareness of Reptilian presence, reptilians could be viewed as “alien”, the same way they view humans to be “alien”; as they are foreign to us, and we are segregated to them.

The use of such words ‘alien’ and ‘extraterrestrial’, are human expressions that are used in an attempt to conceptualize something that we (as humans) do not fully understand. But neither terms may be wholly accurate. The ancient Hindu conceptualized alternate planes of existence, seen in the expression Lokas or Talas (See also Memorandum 6751 at Conspiracy Wiki).

Alien abductionsEdit

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Reptilians & March Against Monsanto; hosted by Richard Syrett (May 14, 2017)

Reptilians & March Against Monsanto; hosted by Richard Syrett (May 14, 2017)

Interview with Len Kasten

According to Len Kasten, 'alien' can be defined as a hybrid being that has no soul, and more distinctly no heart chakra (Anahata).[2] Len Kasten, lead investigator from the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), identifies this type of entity to beings who engage in alien abductions.

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