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1Anunnaki is the name of a screenplay for a failed movie project promoted by independent film maker Jon Gress. It was intended for a supposed trilogy, loosely based on the work of Zecharia Sitchin. The plot surrounds the return of the Anunnaki as creators of the human race, and the protagonist Dr. Jonah Ptah.[1]

Failed project

The film project 1Anunnaki was abandoned by Jon Gress. The 1Anunnaki original screenplay was published March 10, 2016 and put up for sale by 2017, purchasable at[2] Although Gress has been in the movie business for over 25 years,[3] he was unable to acquire the needed support or the funds to get the film off the ground. His ‘out’ was that the film was so controversial that it couldn’t be produced.[4] Other than claimed trailers (which may be hoaxed trailers), there is no known confirmed film footage of the movie to warrant that it had ever gone into production since the year 2000.

Jon Gress’ last interview was early 2016 with Paranormal Central, seen on YouTube, in which he claimed to have not abandoned the film project. But after having put up the screenplay for sale at,[2] the 2016 Gress interview has since been taken down from YouTube.[5] This action could be considered the final nail in the coffin.




Interview with Jon Gress

The movie project 1Anunnaki was allegedly in production since the year 2000, and was purportedly scheduled for release in 2006[4] through Jaguar Films. The film was first announced on the website, that remained active from 2005 to 2008. There was some interest surrounding the announcement of the film on various discussion boards and other websites relating to UFOs and extraterrestrials.[1] Even some notable movie websites posted, as late as 2016, the film's release date as TBD (To be determined).

From 2010 to 2012, many references to the film began to disappear, including the website, Due to the mysterious shutting down of the website and Jon Gress having been silent for a decade, many accused the movie of being a hoax.[1]


Then in August of 2013 new activity was seen, allegedly by Jon Gress, in promotion of the movie. A YouTube account called ANUNNAKI - THE MOVIE was created on August 9, that posted "Teaser #2".

In an early 2016 interview with Jon Gress, he explained that the subject was so controversial, with “over 2000 special effect sequences”, along with suffering numerous website hacks, it had caused delays in the project.

Although Gress claimed that he had not abandoned the project in the 2016 interview, the 1Anunnaki original screenplay was published and put up for sale at by 2017. A few years later, the 2016 interview was also taken down from YouTube.[5]

Failed project notes

Nailing 1Anunnaki into its coffin:

Writer and Director of Anunnaki...Jon Gress!! Paranormal Central® April 10, 2016

Interview with John Gress in early 2016 was removed from YouTube

Claimed trailers

The following trailers are likely hoaxes, given that the TPTB trailer, allegedly posted in 2005 then reposted 2016, uses the Universal intro.




Jon Gress Anunnaki Movie Trailer that TPTB, prevented you from seeing-0


The future of 1Anunnaki rests with someone who picks up the screenplay and gets the greenlight to produce the movie.

Commentaries by —UFO-Alien Database
  • This should teach a lesson to not get hyped over a YouTube trailer that starts off with a Universal Intro—unless you know for sure it’s from Universal.
  • It’s also apparent that Jon Gress was planning on playing the lead role Jonah Ptah. It shines a spotlight on the real controversy of this project—lack of funding.
  • With all the hype, now Gress can make some money through the sales of his original screenplay.
  • The fact that Jon Gress was able to publish the screenplay and get it sold on means the MIB failed at shutting up the “highly controversial” matter, or—it wasn’t really as controversial as it was chalked up to be.
  • Hollywood is mainstream and knows what it wants—It didn’t want 1Anunnaki because it’s just not mainstream enough, and that is why Gress couldn’t sell the darn thing—for ten years—to any Producers; Not having a penny of his own to build a cast and film it, the screenplay plops onto Amazon’s lap.
  • At least having a screenplay, it saves the reputation of Jon Gress from being a flat out liar or hoaxer. Gress probably had good intentions to make this film—but don’t be fooled by any tall-talk of it being “highly controversial”.
  • That period between 2000 and 2005 of said ‘being in production’, was John Gress really drafting and writing up his screenplay, thinking that he could easily get a producer on board. Until he realized that no one wanted it, it led to the main website being taken down by 2008, and him being out of the public spotlight for a decade. There was absolutly no filming, or production going on the entire time the UFO world waited almost twenty years...and now all you get is stack of clumsy papers called a screenplay by Jon Gress.


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