The Ancient astronaut hypothesis proposes that extraterrestrials have visited Earth millenniums ago.

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Recent studies of ooparts, and ancient monuments that bear unique archaeoastronomical characteristics, are leading more modern day researchers to believe that a Higher intelligence has profoundly influenced the development of human civilization.


Ancient mythologies, from all around the world, have recorded in various scriptures and holy writings Higher intelligences who have aided mankind’s development from India, to Egypt, to Meso-america. They are often demonized in Christian teachings to be evil spirits who “rule the air”:

  • Anunna (Sumerian)
  • Apkallu, the Seven Sages (Sumerian)
  • Akhrij (Sanskrit "wise-men"), compare the Akrij in W56
  • Akriw (Egyptian) "nine beings of wisdom"
  • Nagas (Serpent humanoid leaders)
  • Quetzalcoatl (Many variations of this name, expressing a winged serpent deity (or deities) in Mesoamerican legends).
  • Jatayu (Hinduism)
  • Miamchi (Tibetan: མིའམ་ཅི་, Wylie: mi'am ci) OR 'shang-shang' (Tibetan: ཤང་ཤང, Wylie: shang shang) (Sanskrit: civacivaka).

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